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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Todays Posters- Keroro Giroro Tamama Kururu Dororo

Keroro: Now now, Welcome to the Very first Keroro Post on MyOtaku!
Giroro: Why do I have to be here?
Keroro: Shut your trap, you red Dhrama Doll!
Tamama: Gunso-San I Think we should hurry, Na-chi Will get mad
if you don't do your chores-desu
Keroro: Kero..=w=
Kururu: Gunso, I have stuff I need to do..
Giroro: Exactly! I do to!
Keroro: what do you have to do Giroro? Roast sweet potatoes?
Giroro: Shut up! O<
Keroro: Bring it! *whacks Giroro*
Giroro: you Little- *fight fight punch punch*
Kururu: Im outa here..*chairs spins into the ground*
Tamama: Jeez, Well everyone I guess thats all for today. Bye bye-Desu!
Dororo: Okay guys Im here!...guys?...*sob*

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Testing 1 2 3, De arimasu

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