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Welcome all. [= I don't believe in site rules, so you won't be finding any of those here! ^.~ I think I'm a pretty nice person, and I like to help people. I know a lot of html, even though I don't have much html on my site. For some reason I just want to keep this place nice and simple. So if you need any html help, you can contact me. Please sign my GB and comment me. I'll get back to you, promise!

<3 Kelly

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Thanks EE2! [=

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's been sooo long! I live in Italy now! [= I haven't had the internet in months, it was torture! I'm gonna try to get to everyone's site before my Dad gets home and tells me to do stuff. -_- I'll post some pics later too.

<3 Kelly

Ps. I just made a myspace because my friends have been nagging me about since like forever. *sighs* Feel free to add me: myspace.com/hearts_grow

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