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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I just have way too much school work to keep up with this place during the week. I'll most likely get to the pms though. [= I'll post on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays!

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<3 Kelly

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Monday, September 11, 2006

   Hi everyone. It's been a while, sorry. I've been a little sick lately. But! I'm better now! ^_^ I had a very, very interesting day today! I don't think I ever mentioned that I live in the "ghetto". On my bus on the way to school this morning two girls got in a fight. One of the girls had an advantage because she had the other girl cornered in a bus seat. She pulled her weave out. It was scary. o.o Our bus driver just pulled over and let them keep fighting until the cops came. -_- Then later after we got home, and everyone was walking to their houses, the fight broke out again! This time the girl who got her weave pulled out, got her friends and family involved to help her jump the other chick. It was crazy. The girl who was jump got her face beat in with some sort of metal weapon + they ripped off her pants and underwear O.o, and we all stood around and watched. ^_^; Eventually the whole neighborhood was involved. People started jumping in from no where. It was kinda scary because there were adults fighting teenagers... It was all very fun to watch though. Well, that was my day so far. [= I gotta go now because my friend is about to come over and play DDR with me. I will get to all your sites, the pms, and GB entries later on tonight. [= Bye bye!

<3 Kelly

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I got another headache from being around a lot of people in school again. >.< I came from a small school in New York, so I'm used to that atmosphere. I. Really. HATE! Being. Surrounded by... People...! o.o My teachers are going so easy on us. I only have HW in Geo. It's basically like Algebra review, but I forgot all of that. It's only been like 3 monthes! I forgot all of my Spanish 2 stuff too! My teacher was just rambling on, and I hardly understood anything she said. Oh well. :/ I'm just glad she hardly called on me! xD I feel really elite in English and History though. Those are my specialties. ^-^ Tm. is picture day (I know, already? O.o), so I gotta look smexy. ;] I was pissed off this morning because I went to the bus stop extra early just to catch the bus that was supposed to arrive at 6:07, but came at 6:15. And! It was raining. -_- I just noticed that they refer to the people who read your post as your "fans". Since when are you guys my fans? =P Haha, didn't think so! xD Okay, I'm off to read more Gravi FF at Gurabiteshiyon.net. If anybody goes there, here are my recommended readings (hooray for linkage!):

"The Key to My Heart" + the sequel "Unlocking My Love" <- Heartfelt. [=

"Fervor of the Sentinel" <- So effing sad! D= It's amazing though. ^^

"Fleeting Inspiration" <- Sofa king funny! xD

+ Anything by JadeHeart and Despina.

Bye bye!

<3 Kelly

Meet my ninja master. 8D

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Monday, September 4, 2006

Yesturday was a pretty nice day. I went to Walmart to get my school supplies. I just bought two big ass binders to put all my crap in. My teachers told me what to get for their class, but I never follow those stupid supply lists. Getting stuff for EACH class means more stuff for ME to carry. That's too much work for Kelly. xD I could always put my crap in my locker, but like I said, I don't trust my locker buddy. >.> Also my uncle came over, and then he started looking at my video games. He wanted to play Ninja Gaiden for some reason. He sucked! XD That's okay, I beat all the bosses for him. One of my favorite cutscenes is when Ryu makes the blimp go "Boom!". So after I beat that fatass mechanical guy boss dude, I let myself die so I could beat him again and see the cutscene once more - then I did it again! x] I love Ninja Gaiden (maybe more than Halo? ...Nah! XD), I haven't played it in forever. Yesturday brought back some good memories. ^-^ I got a lil frustrated when I was in the middle of extracting this one image of Soubi and Ritsuka when my little brother turned off the computer. -_- He's really cute and all (he's one) but he sure is annoying! He calls me Mom too. ^_^; Sorry this was long. I tend to ramble! >.<; Okay, bye bye!

Ps. I think I might delete some people from my friend's list. There are only like, what 6 people who comment/communicate with me on here? So I should really only have 6 friends! D= Thanks to everyone who takes the time to stop by every now and then! Hugs all around! [=

<3 Kelly

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

Currently listening to: "I Do" from the GITS OST 2

I began to get really bored so then I decided that it's time for me to stop being lazy and make my own layout. Well, after starting on my layout I got even more bored! So I quit. xD If anybody wants to know what it would have looked like go here. Ya see, it was pretty lame anyway. I haven't made lyts in so long I don't even care. ^_^ Here's the Vincent screen cappies. Some of these are blurry because it's hard to catch Vincent in action. [=

<3 Kelly

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Friday, September 1, 2006

I survived!
Today was my first day of school. It's my Sophomore year so I wasn't really lost or anything, I just have a major headache now. My school is sooo big, I can't handle all of those people so suddenly! Here's my schedule:

Spanish 3 (what a way to start the day -_-)
Geometry College Prep -_-
Advanced English Survey II <3
Beginning Sculpture 3D <3
Study Hall
US History College Prep <3

It's not so bad because I'm not taking any AP courses. I'm really happy that I don't have PE this year. ^o^ I hate my Spanish teacher though. I have enough Spanish credits, I kinda just wanna drop it, but then my schedule would be too open. Plus, I really don't feel like taking another elective. They'd just force me to sign up for PE anyway! >.< All in all, it was a good day. Only the Freshman had to come on time. The upperclassman had to be there at 9:30, so I got a few extra hours of sleep in. ^_^ Come Tuesday, I'll have to start waking up at 4:30 though! My bus comes at 6:07 now. Last year it was 6:23! *cries* Also, I have to share my locker this year! I'm not even going to put my crap in my locker because I don't trust my locker buddy... >.> I made some screen caps of Vincent. I'll post those tm. Bye bye! [=

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Currently listening to: "Cyberbird" from the GITS OST 2
Today was my last day of freedom. In other words, school starts tm. -_- Well, I guess it's not that bad because I get a three day weekend afterwards! ^__^ Today I didn't do much. I basically ran some errands with my sister and my Mom. I also removed my acrylic nails. That took forever! I'm glad I got it over with though. Hmm, we bought a new kitchen table today and put the old one downstairs. So now we have a table in our basement. XD Now I'm off to find a program that converts FLACs to MP3s so I can put the GITS OSTs I just downloaded on my iPod. Oh yes, I will visit everyone's sites tommorow after school. Bye bye! [=

<3 Kelly

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

   Behold the smexy-ness!
I got bored last night, so I took these screen caps of Kadaj. I guess these are up for grabs. Just click the thumbnails to see the whole image or right click and open it in a new window/tab... These were a real pain in the ass to link up!

I'll probably due some of Vincent later. Come to think of it, I need to make some Reno and Rude caps too! I'm gonna be busy. [=

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Monday, August 28, 2006

   New Theme
My FFVII Advent Children obsession (I've watched it four times within 24 hours o_o) has led me to changing my theme. The BG is Sephiroth and Cloud, respectively. The banner is Vincent, and my avatar is Tifa. I should really add some Reno and Rude somewhere in the mix, I love them! I need some Kadaj too! D= The music player was re-arranged some as well. I added Hikki's "Kremlin Dusk". It's a really amazing song, and it's in English. You guys should check it out if you haven't already. I put Ayu's "SURREAL" first because it really goes with my theme - according to my interpretation that is. Let me know what you think. [=
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   Why I Like Japanese Music
I'm pretty sure most of you listen to and appreciate Japanese music, and I'm sure you get questions like "Why do you listen to that if you don't understand it?". One day, I asked my self that question, and this is what I came up with...

Japanese music allows me to enjoy music for more than just the lyrics. I enjoy the melody, the rythm, and the instruments. It also allows me to make up my own meaning for the song. It gives me the power to draw my own conclusions. I often find it disappointing when I look at the English translations and see that it is completely different from my interpretation. I like music in English for the exact opposite reason. When listening to music in English I'm able to hear a story. They are both really awesome experiences. I listen to both, but I listen to Japanese music when I need something refreshing and new to engage my mind.

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