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hey i'm kc_bailarina or kc as some of my friends call me but my capoeira name is bailarina *it means ballerina in portuguese*. i play capoeira a african/ brazilian martial art/dance/game/music/life style. i'm also a dancer *thats how i got the name bailarina*. well plz sign my gb or PM me if you want to talk *if you want to bitch to me talk to sombody else. i'v got enough troubles right now to last a lifetime!*

here is a doll of me.
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Sunday, July 9, 2006

hi everyone XD i havent been on i know but i'm really trying to learn how to make html codes for layouts and stuff. if anyone knows someone or knows how to make them please please contact me!!!!!!
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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

catholic school
well i'm going to go to catholic school next year and i have to take a placement test today.... i'm soooo nervois! i got in on a work study program so i have to work as an intern to pay for me to go. normal school days for me will be from 7:30-4! and on days that i work 7:30-5! i work 1-2 times a week but they have not told me where i will be working but i'm excided because my friends are going there too. classes are going to be like 13-15 students! i'm scared that i might have some classes with out my friends! i'm a shy person :(. well on my 8th grade graduation my sisters got into a car wreck but they are doing better now. it sucks but they are doing better and my sister had insurance. i'm really knid of feeling left out and sad because fathers day is coming up. i really hope people dont start to ask about my "father" at my new school. it's been a little while since it happened but it still hurts.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i'm back
well i'm not reallllly depressed anymore. thanks rockenmuffin for the funny comment! well not much in my life happened.... i gained a pound the last time i checked *i would do a little dance but i might lose it again and force myself to eat "healthy shakes"*.......... well i'm going to graduate from 8th grade fri. my school keeps giving me such a hard time!!!! and i'm one of the top students! well it will all be over fri. and i can look forward to going to my new kick *** catholic high school next year! i know it sounds crazy, being excited about a catholic school and all but i actually enjoy disipline *not like getting spaked or beaten but order and control*. i'm sooooooo happy about that!
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