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Hi guys my name is Katsume.
This is my first thing ever!!! Im so happy.^_^
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Monday, January 16, 2006

   Im so Sorry!!!!!
Im really sorry i havent been here for some time. What a way to start my first post of the new year huh.XD Oh well anyways i've been having a good time. I mean just these past few days I spent them in a Cabin by a lake. It was freakin cold at night.*shiver*It's still cold now that im back in my house. So How have you guys been?? Good i hope. As for me i've spent most of my time buried in homework. Not fun at all.

We went to see our new house today. There still building it by what my parents tell me i didn't even spare it a glance the house i mean. I was too into my Anne Rice book to tear my eyes away from it and besides i hope the house would burn or get delayed for a few more months. I mean by the time we move i'll have to go to a new school with only like two months of school left. I know im gonna be really not happy. On a more happier note my Friend Amanda came by my house today(finally) and she stayed about an hour cause she had to go to work. Anyways we talked a little and she let me borrow some of her new mangas and i let her borrow some of my anime stuff. That's what we always do.Borrow eachother's anime stuff^_^ So anywyas i ended up inviting her to this sweet fifteen b-day of one of our friends, im hoping hse does.nt have to work that day. Also her b-day is this friday so maybe well go to the mall to get ourselves some more anime^^. Im also amkeing her a CD with a whole bunch of anime songs mainly Gravitation that im sure she'll love.

Also i changed my theme to DNAngel^_^.Ok so i think that's it for now^_^ So take care guys!!!Love you all.

I found this and thought it pretty funny.


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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

   11:00 PM
Hello everyone!!! How was everyone's x-mas? What did you guys get? I got Two Gundam Seed movies, a really nice shirt DNAngel vol. 1 and 2, Hana-Kimi vol.4, and a CSI fingerprint type kit. It's really cool.^^ We really didn't do anything but be in te house all day. It actually felt like any other old day. no offense to my neighborhood, but the people here a boring as heck!! I remember that in Puerto Rico everyone would be going to their neighbor's houses to eat and drink and dance and all that. Pretty fun. Over ther i can actually feel like it as x-mas here... not so much.XD Oh well it wasent that bad thouhg. Let's see tomorrow im gonna have to give our dog a bath again. He just cant seem to saty clean for more than a day. It takes me like an hour to bathe him and another to dry him completely. He's a Cocker Spaniel. Gotta groom him well and it's all so tiresome. Well im gonna go get some sleep now since i didn't sleep last night at all.^^;Well see you guys later.


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