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Monday, January 15, 2007

   Still well and kicking lol
Hey there people...you still remember me or am I already in the corner or your memory lol?

Anyway, now that I have the time (I'm using a computer at my mother's work HEHEH lol), I decided to check on that site that I almost forgot lol...I'm so lazy to come and update it now lol, especially now that I'm back to my homecountry, one we don't have Internet at home, and two It's too expensive so I can't spend lots fo time -_-'

Well, just to say to the few of you who still remember me that I'm still alive and kicking lol...I came back safe and sound, met with my boyfriend after 9 months of being separated and we're doing good ( we're even meeting this evening *blush* lol) and I'm trying to enroll to the local university to try and become an English teacher lol...we'll see what it's going to give lol

So that's about everything that I can tell you....just a peaceful life in the middle of nowhere on my island Tahiti lol...nothing more I can ask for lol

Well that's it...just a little hello from me on this site of mine where I spent almost 3 years....prevented me for not being too bored sometimes lol....

Well now, see you some other times when I'll have the occasion to come back lol

Have fun and enjoy life to it's fullest ^^

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