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Yo, I'm Hitomi (Hi-chan) and this is my page. I love to rant so there will be a lot of those. What makes the rants even better is the fact that they'll probably be mostly about my life in high school, or maybe even the stupidity of others.

Okay, so I am an avid fan of many Jrock bands, Yaoi, Shounen ai, some shota, manga, anime, video games, DDR, and reading.

Writing and drawing are two of my passions. I love editing essays and stories, as well as grading papers for my language art teacher. It's amazing how many mistakes high school and college students have in their writing works.

Anyways, I love meeting new people so feel free to sign my guestbook and make sure to keep in touch! I delete people from my friends list if they never talk to me. Oh, I will probably also sign other people's guestbooks too! =3

Friday, October 22, 2010

So I'm in my second year of college now and I haven't updated this in years. Go figure. reading this is fairly amusing. xD I was such a weeaboo when I was younger.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

WTF?! I haven't updated again in forever.

xD I'm not dead though. Not yet. <3

Anyways, I'm not seventeen years old. o.O

I've been on this site forever!

Ich spreche Deutsch!~

Well, kinda! Just finished German 1 and 2 this year. It was tons of fun. <3

Anyways, I'll try to start logging on again, but technically I'm not really an 'otaku'. >.>

Oh well, I still love Japan.

I actually got to go there last summer to! God, I miss Japan so much. Especially Shijiki and Hirado. Well, technically, Shijiki is in the Hirado prefecture. XD

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

D= Not cool!
Okay, so Chicago was freezing cold. I hated it with a passion! DX

When I got home from that trip, I had a fever of 100 degrees which sucks major bottom. T__T

Anyways, I'll continue with the story once I find it. It's lost among my school crap at the moment! ;-;
During Spring Break I had my first college interview! It was really fun because I got a tour too. Flagler is such a beautiful school! I can't wait to apply. x3

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Friday, March 9, 2007

>.> Meh, part of a story I'm writing...
This is part of a story I'm writing. It isn't much yet, but I plan to make it sort of a drama...
I only have two pages written for it. Go figure. XP

Yes, this is only a little snippet of it. I started from the middle of the story, so it will probably seem sort of strange at first.

Glancing over at Wren, the older boy winked at him, giving him a sloppy grin. His stringy shoulder length brown locks seemed to float in midair as the breeze blew it to and fro. The youth then quickly turned back to his friends, as if he hadn't even looked at the slight blond teen sitting beneath the tall tree that shaded him.

Wren's pale, cherubic-like cheeks started to take on light pink tinge, making the young teen want to bury his face in the novel he was currently trying to read.

Okay, so that's all for now, I might add more later if people want me too, but it really isn't much. It's only a shounen ai story. >.>

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Brother!
I love my little brother, Aya-chan to death. I swear he's the cutest boy ever! I'd show you all, but he doesn't want his picture shown to strangers. But, I assure that he's beautiful!

Anyways, I was talking to him earlier today and he was showing me all of these cool fashion websites. He's getting me more into fashion and shoes than ever before. Before, I hated shopping and fashion, now I love it. This kid is amazing when it comes out to picking amazing outfits. When I meet with him, he's going to go shopping with me and do my makeup. >.> Yes, my little bro knows how to put makeup on better than most girls.

If anyone ever flames him, they're going to get a fist or two in their face! D<

Yes, I'm very protective of him!

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I hate band practice. D= It's so boring and somewhat annoying. My ankle was killing me today and I was almost forced to walk around the track. XD It's so annoying sometimes. But, I guess I gotta do it if I want to march in Chicago. x3
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