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Friday, March 9, 2007

>.> Meh, part of a story I'm writing...
This is part of a story I'm writing. It isn't much yet, but I plan to make it sort of a drama...
I only have two pages written for it. Go figure. XP

Yes, this is only a little snippet of it. I started from the middle of the story, so it will probably seem sort of strange at first.

Glancing over at Wren, the older boy winked at him, giving him a sloppy grin. His stringy shoulder length brown locks seemed to float in midair as the breeze blew it to and fro. The youth then quickly turned back to his friends, as if he hadn't even looked at the slight blond teen sitting beneath the tall tree that shaded him.

Wren's pale, cherubic-like cheeks started to take on light pink tinge, making the young teen want to bury his face in the novel he was currently trying to read.

Okay, so that's all for now, I might add more later if people want me too, but it really isn't much. It's only a shounen ai story. >.>

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