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Kanayama-Hime: japanese goddess of metal.

yeah thats me, so to keep it short n sweet just call me metal.im new on this site so it might be a while before it looks good*looks at naked site*
current: into a lot of manga right now...

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

yes im not dead...yet. man its been almost 2 weeks since i have been grounded and i think im gonna die. i acutally cleaned my room, oh the horror. and my closet. i have read my all my manga books god knows how many times.
i gotta be good so i can go out this week. which means no arguing and fighting n such.
my brothers are back from college the whole summer, my one brother got to go to all these places like brazil, china, japan. and stuff.
today is mothers day so im gonna make my mom a cake. and belive me in the pro at making cakes. hope ya have a wonderful sunday (i hate sundays) XD

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Monday, May 2, 2005

*looks around* im not suppose to be on the computer at all but i snuck on. so i gotta be carful and see if my mom is coming or not. man it really sucks to be grounded, prom is comin up and that means lots of parties are going on also, so i hope i can get un grounded for good behavior. im thinking about peircing my eyebrow later on today, my mom said no but i think i can hide it after i get it done with my brangs/fringes. cuz i have wanted to get one for a long time.
right now im listening to the lost boys soundtrack, i love that movie, keifer sutherland is so bangable XD i hope everone had a great weekend and a great day...

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ummm yeah i said i was a gurl.....jezzz my self confidence is goin down the drain...jk hey i think i can marry my result :P

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