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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

man it stinks being grounded.
today me and a friend got kicked out of 4th block, and do you know what the reason was? b/c i said jesus christ. so the teacher freaked out and yelled get out get out! so i started saying "jesus christ, mary and josph, god" and such. i better not get written up, i just wanna see if they do anything about it. but while my friend gave me a ride home she told me everyone freaked after i got sent out.

before i left class my friend said "so if i say jesus christ your gonna send me out also?" to the teacher, he was so pissed. i would of apologized but he freaked, i have nothing against ppls religion, budda, god whatever you worship im fine with it.

hes not even that religious, he just wanted to get me outa class, since i have had a few arguments with him before. lol but i kinda think its funny how everyone stuck up for me even after i left.

i dont think i have heard a dumber reason to write a kid up, if you got one to top this you gotta tell me.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

i only have drivers ed until friday and then wonderful health starts. i hate health class with a vengence.
i dont know how ppl who have to serve even a year in prison do it, i cant stand this "grounded" mess. but right now im calling my mom every day after i get home from school, to show her how i "learned" my lesson, and that i will never do it again. so shes pretty happy about that, since it dosnt take much to make her happy.

my best friend, courtney, got a puppy even though her parents said no, she had this crazy idea that she could hide the puppy from them and if they did discover it they would think "aww its so cute" and they would keep it. well the same day she took it home she had it sitting on the bed and her mom did one of those "i dont need to knock, this is my house" thing and walked right in, well courtney threw blankets over the puppy but of course, her mom has eyes like a hawk and found it and called the kids courtney got it from and took it back.

has anyone seen the show 'the tribe'? i just started watching it a few weeks ago and i really like it. have a great tomorrow cuz i will be stuck home and the only thing to do is sleep....

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Monday, April 25, 2005

lol it made me laugh at what you said saturday touya, about how i could of got hurt and stuff on saturday....well now im grounded for a month, 30 days, uggg. and i bet ya wanna know why im grounded, i snuck out after i got off of the computer callin up someone and getting a ride to someones house. and everything was fine cuz the next day i went to my friends church (just to tell you im athiest, i go their b/c my friend is forced, so i try to help her out) so my mom knew i was going to church in the morning and she checked my room around 3 pm cuz i wasnt home, and she called me on my phone , and she asked my all those questions like "why did you have your chainlock up? (i have a chainlock) and why my window was a inch open"
i cant lie about that, even though i am a pro of fabricating lies, so i just came clean and told her what i did. so im not supose to be on the internet but i have a report to do, so i just wanted to check out whats going on the otaku.
later! wish for me to get of grounding early!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

i am so mad right now, im ready to go out tonight, and my mom tells me im grounded over something so stupid. for the weekend. she does that just to piss me off b/c i live for the weekends. uggg i just wanna...just wanna....punch something.... so i think im going to spend this saturday on the computer chatting and watching one of my fav movies 'hot chick' hope everyone has a better saturday than me...
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Friday, April 22, 2005

yes friday is here! one of my fav days! i just wanna go to sleep im so tired. now i get to sleep in late. my guidance counseler asked me if i was into any sports or extra curricular activites and i went "does sleeping count as a hobby?" she got pissed cuz she dosnt like me which the feeling is dito, she is a bitch.
mmmm i have a really good prank to pull before the end of the year.
the best seinor prank i have seen in my school was when the boys lacrosse team planted a big tree in the middle of the girls hockey teams field, and they just got that field redone with grass.
well have a fun and safe weekend!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

i was so tired today, but other than that i had a good day. i got a friend to dye my hair yesterday to red but it turned out to be a orangish-blonde, so i think im going to dye it back tonight when i go over her house.
yesterday i went out to dinner with a friend to this crappy chinese buffet, i love chinese food, but this chinese food stunk. so we took the napkin despencer, just a spere of the moment thing. so i hope everyone has a safe and good day

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Monday, April 18, 2005

today i stayed home, my mom actually let me stay home! wow thats a first. im feeling kinda better, talkin looks of asprin and such :P
i havent been doing much on that drawling that i mentioned, i dont really like it, you know when you drawl something and after a few days you start to notice every little mistake thats on it? well yeah thats what im starting to do with this one, and it looks like poop.
drivers ed is going good, my DE teacher has lisp and hes really mean, i swear whenever someone asks him a question he freaks out and acts like the person slapped his mama or something. crazy!

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

uggg sorry i havnt been on in a while, i have been sick latley, ugg i have to use my nebulizer or whatever its called, to help me breath. i also got into a big argument with my mom, which got blown way out of proportion,

oh and a update touya! i found the snack packs, they were in my moms room, i found them and started eating one right in front of her, she did a double take and was like "where did you get that?" haha not so slick now are ya mom!

awww my little sammy signed my guestbook. i luv ya sam!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

my day was alright, today i got caught sleepin in drivers ed, jezzz me second day to.... their is absolutly no food in my house, i swear my mom even hides the snack packs. she says us kids eat to much and stuff. who the hell hides snack packs? so i think im goin to go to go to a friends house and eat her food. mmmmmmmm

i get to go to the phone company tomorrow to trade me phone in for another one and get money off, cant wait :P
hope everyone had a good day.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

sundays suck
i hate sundays, i dont know im just always tired, today i went over to a friends house to have breakfast, its their family thing, every sunday mama dukes makes loads of food. ugg im so tired i just wanna go to sleep. i gauged my ears today, with 14s owww it hurt,i dont wanna gauge them to big. but i hope everyone has a great day of stupid school tomorrow.
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