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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last post for the summer.....
Yup...this will probably be my last post...so sad, i know...my dad has declared that once summer starts, all computers in the household shall be turned off...*sniffs*..i will miss you guys but, summer isn't that long this year so, i'll be back on again soon...i hope you guys have a great summer!!

Well, last night i went to see Pirates of the Carribean 3...it was great..not as good as the first or second but, yeah, it was good...i'm glad they brought Captain Jack Sparrow back to life..the movie would suck without him...^^..(for me at least...)Yuppers..oh, and my best friend's birthday party is Thursday....say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tai, everyone!! Last day of school is tommorrow...wow..i think i'm actually gonna miss school....but my summer will be busy...really busy..i'll hardly be home at all..more so if i get a job..i'll be in Florida on my birthday...again...^^..not that i mind much..Well, later!!

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