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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's gonna rain today...and i am happy for that at least..i am currently listening to the full version to the opening song to Black Cat..i really like it and the anime is great...*smiles*..i also found this other Black Cat video that has Enya singing in the beginning and then it switches to someone else...both songs are really pretty..i would put the the first episode of Black Cat on here but, it would clog up my page, and it's in Japanese with French sub-titles..i can understand most of the French but i don't think i'd be willing to translate, sorry...but i know what they are saying anyways cause i've seen the first episode..it's really funny...i like Sven and his omni-growling stomach...^-^..

Here is the opening song:

Black Cat
Uploaded by Ryuka

Here is the Enya-one:


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