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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yeah technically the title said it all XD...im sorry but it is...its nothing but a childish site with people who are here only to put other people down (not ALL people just most)

jeez...its like an F'N ghost town after the Owner fricken changed it to something STUPID!

Goodness gracious i mean seriously on Deviant Art you can submit lets say Ichigo from Tokyo mew mew and say nothing in the Artists' Comments and people would say "Nice job on that" or "wow this looks really good! i love how you colored it!"...but no here if you do that its.."HEY YOU DONT OWN TOKYO MEW MEW BITCH!! TAKE THIS DOWN OR ILL REPORT YOU!!"....jeeeeeez here people just ASSUME that you think you own whatever you draw..they just want to be shit heads...i repeat.ppl like that are SHIT HEADS!! (BTW sorry about my bad Language)

Out of all the Anime sites (for artwork and crap) that i've signed up for..THIS is the WORST F'N site EVER!!

The people here who act VERY disrespectful and Childish need to grow up either that or come to my house and ill beat your fucking heads into a Cement Wall!!

Once again i am sorry about this uh angry journal..or post coming here makes me angry all the time now >>

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