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Thursday, August 14, 2008



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Sunday, July 20, 2008

   WHAT the heck? -______-

to be honest....i REALLY hate the new version of..THE otaku >> (if you wish to give out your opinion on it please do so i will not yell....) 1: its confusing
2: its just...BLECH
3: wth
AND 4: idk

its nice and all (organization wise) BUT its just blah blah i like the fact that you can block ppl that ...well here HARASS you (previous harassing from before VV) i mean seriously if you are going to separate THE otaku and MY otaku at LEAST still let us get our Messages goodness. My otaku is still more well..fun (i guess) than The otaku...the Worlds thing ish just confoooosing -___- and you cant make it your own like you can here (OMG IMEEM WONT PLAY MY MUSIC FULLY ON HERE ANYMORE *CRIES*) so yea there is a whole lot more i can rant about but seriously WHO IS GUNNA READ THIS ANYWAY? oh and sry about ranting >> its just that ever since this prick on Deviant art took a picture of his cash and prizes and put it up as so called "art" i had to rant >> plus things are just pissing me off lately -______-

BUT in other news I CAN DRAW WOLVES! and they ACTUALLY look decent X3 yay ill try and put some up today...when im done being pissed at it >< (the otaku i mean) OH OH OH and for those who use their DA account....How do you like the new V6? ...i like it :D its more organized X3 i like the fact that you can see all your crap (messages) on the whole page...instead of risking your eyeballs on a picture (drawing) that might be aweshome or completely discusting *COUGH**COUGH* poserexposer *COUGH**COUGH* ...yea he's that prick off deviant art...YEA YEA i know i mentioned his name so what..he doesnt have a flippin username or account W/E on here he only takes pics of his YAHOOO. nothing else...LMFAO here i go again

SORRY i cant help it -__- im only human :D and its better to let it out in words than an F'N fist or foot up the ass (excuse me) ..ok then enjoy this rant


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

   holy shizznats

...HOLY CRAP!...its been a LONG LONG time since i last came to the otaku...or my otaku whatever -__- well i've been having a LOT more fun and stuff on deviant art...there is absolutly nothing for me here on the otaku..besides those flamming assholes >> but yea GO TO MY site!!!!!! i've alot more art up there!!


thats me username GO NOW GO GO GO GO GO i COMMAND YOU! lol jk but seriously take a look X3 my art is like a whole lot better :D well..uhh bye

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Monday, February 18, 2008


OMG HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! its been a LONG artelo since i last posted!! sry bout that tho ^^' ive just been on deviant art more...so yea sowwy

anyway I GOTTETH ME PERMIT!!! AHAAHHAAH so happy ^^'
so what is up my friend?

nothing much has happened really...just been workin on my collision manga (the story part) and i started my own naruto fan fic X3 if you wanna read it just pm me and ill put it up or something :D

OH NO!!! i might be going to another wedding in north dakota :cries: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i hope not lol ^^'''' i mean like i dont mind going its just that its another one of those weddings where uhh well it takes FOREVER for them to get married -_____-'' so yea ^^'''

anything new happen with you?

but yea iiimmm going to go :D

peace out
have a good day ^^



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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


im soooo nervous/excited! O.O and i think im going to die lol ^^' i hope i pass the test oh jeez lol

well anyway :D how are you?

the weather here is so weird >< yesterday it was pouring rain and super windy..now im looking outside ....theres snow on the ground >< MAKE UP YOUR MIND MOTHER NATURE!!!!! lol <.<


do you have a request?

do you want to do an art trade?

what about a collab?

hows the weather over yonder?

and yesterday i went on the interstate! the instructor was fricken hilarious lol if you want to know why just pm me lol omg it was funny ..yet weird ^^' but yea OH OH and on deviant art i put up pictures of me cat JADE!! X3 and one of drew lol hes a bastard <.< well...hes old so lol yea...<.> anyway
im going to go so peace out


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Friday, January 25, 2008



what is up?

as always nothing happening here...
ok im going to rant...well maybe idk i bet i will tho >.> just giving you a warning ^^'''

but yea...the otaku is like super duper boring right now..and all the art is looking the same everyday i look at it..its like everyone is trying to just blah their art now because of those dumbass flammers ....and deviant art isnt this bad people are more friendlier there and when they give you advice on a drawing they arent threatining you to do this or else! well there are a few retards on there but they barely bother you unless you grab their attention..and on deviant art thats unlikely <.< but yea....and the new version of the otaku just looks like deviant art just otakufied -_____- this is just ROAR! and now im depressed -_-

but anyway how do you like the new theme?

i love the song X) .....oy valentines day is coming -____- (yea im not a fan) >.>
but yea..i get my permit uhh i think feb. 10! :DD

oh and thanks for the comments about what happened lol ^^' *HUG* well i g2g
so peace out


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

   YO what up

hello! What is up my friend?!

anything new happen?

well nothing much has happened lately
i put up one peice of art up today :D (yes on the otaku) but i must warn you it looks crappy ^^''

but yea if you have a request just ask :D

or if you want do to do an art trade then COOOOLIO X33

ok lol well um on deviant art i put up like 20 drawings :D so if you want take a look :D

its sonyaaburichi ^^

AND im working on my manga (well the written part <.<) and thats up in deviant art so if you go there take a gander at it :D
........the otaku is like a ghost town now lol no seriously.....its creepy..nothing evil has happened in a while (WHOOOOO!)and stuff <.<
OMG! i drove this morning and i took a LEFT turn instead of a RIGHT! *hits head* meesa dumb >< well it wasnt at an important turn (like at a stop light or something) but yea <.< i scared the crap out of me...lol AND im driving on the freeway......next.....so watch the news for any huge accidents in michigan lol

well i g2g



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Sunday, January 20, 2008



(im angered just incase you couldnt read that ^^')

SO how are you?

..................im so bored right now......ROFLMAO!.......sry sudden wth moment ^^''

ok well ill end this post here :D

peace out

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Friday, January 18, 2008


wow its been a while since i posted last O.O hehe whoops ^^'
SO how are you????

OMG saturday (or tomorrow) IM DRIVING!!!! (with the teacher tho of course :D) IM SO NERVOUS YET EXCITED!!!!! X3333

so yeeeaaa :D
how is school??

if you dont go to school (meaning done >.>) hows work? lol ^^'

OK i should be putting more art up soooon :D i have to wait a bit tho <.< idky but i do lol ^^'
oh and mimi kayuko your request should be up soon so dont worry ok? and please only 2 pm's at a time -________-'

anyway! IT IS SOOOOO COLD HERE its like 19 degrees! and yesterday (last night more like it) the power went out twice! so we were on the computer searching for stuuuuff and then all of a sudden ITS DARK! lol it was so dark that i couldnt see my hand right in front of my face O.O wow lol ^^'' well thats mostly it really ^^'

but if you have a request go ahead and ask

or if you wanna do an art trade go ahead and pm me :D
ok then

peace out my friends ^^


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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   what up

HELLO HELLO HELLO!!!!! meesa back X33

....yea it was fun :D but yesterday i got sick with something and right now i feel like horrible oy -____-
but yea anyway ^^' how was your weekend?

anything new happen?

well when i was over my sisters place i played guitar hero 3 >.> to be honest i didnt like it <.< the second is better to me ^^''' yea im a dork but hey whatever :D

.......ok i have nothing to draw.....lol I RAN OUT OF IDEAS -______- i feel dumb right now lol <.<
tomorrow i start Drivers Ed!! X33333333 im so excited i think im going to throw up >.> i think im more nervous lol yeeeeeaaaaaaa
lol well im gunna go
peace out


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