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Hello there. My name is Kagome. And I will be your host for this site. I hope that you like my site. Please sign my guestbook before you leave. And tell me anything that you don't understand. Thank you.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

   I'm Back!

I'm back. Oh my God. I like totally forgot my password and I couldn't remember my email. But so much has happened since I last updated. For instance, I moved to Houston about a month ago. I had to leave all my friends behind, but I still talk to them on AIM. Another thing, in middle school, we had this weird teacher, she would rub your back and wink at you! She rubbed my back and now I can never wear the shirt I wore the day she touched me. I/m also gonna start high school this year. Which is kinda scary, considering that I live in a big city. My brother is still a pain in the ass that he is always. I alsogot two dogs. One is really fat and the other one is a normal size. They both love to play. Well for now this is it. I will post more later:D

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Friday, May 6, 2005

Hye you guys. I'm back. how come nobody talkto me anymore.WHAH WHAH!!! That is so rude. By the way my new nicknamw is Scott. I have this really cool friend. Her name is Melissa, but we call her Apple. So she decided to change her name to Edgar. So now her name is Edgar. Yeah I know bunch of crazy people. Byt hey I am one of them too.
Thanks God we only have 14 more days of school left. But the bad part is that I have to do 10 hours of community service. That SUX big time. Then next year I have to put up with preps. Some of them are not that bad. But there is just one who I plain hate. And beleive me it's not that easy to get on my hate list. ou have to be pretty mean to me in order for me to hate you.
Well I think that's enough for now. I'll see you all later. CHAO

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Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm back!

Hey you guys, I am back. See I moved three time and it sucked. Not only that but we didn't hae internet! But now we do! Spring Break is over, but summer is around the corner. So what are you gonna do this summer? I have no idea. Well maybe sit on my butt and watch some television. Hey I gotta go, but I will come back soon. See ya.

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Hey guys. I know I haven't updated for a long time. I am sorry. Well you see we got a virus in our system. And I couldn't use the computer. I don't know when I will uptade again. By the way tomorrow is my Birthday. Well I'll see you.

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Friday, July 30, 2004

Hey guys I am back. As you can see I sort of added some stuff to my site. So would do you think?
O.K. On Saturday we are having a big sort of party. There will be bunch of Russian kids. So my friend and I are going to meet them. But we don't know where the party will be. I'll tell you what happened as soon as I can.
Well on Monday I am going to a volleyball camp. I can't wait. And my stepdad and I are thinking about sendeing me back to Russia for a couple of months. I haven't decided whether I wanna go or not.
And if I do go back it'll be a long trip. Well I'll see you later guys. ^_^

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