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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

   I'm Back!

I'm back. Oh my God. I like totally forgot my password and I couldn't remember my email. But so much has happened since I last updated. For instance, I moved to Houston about a month ago. I had to leave all my friends behind, but I still talk to them on AIM. Another thing, in middle school, we had this weird teacher, she would rub your back and wink at you! She rubbed my back and now I can never wear the shirt I wore the day she touched me. I/m also gonna start high school this year. Which is kinda scary, considering that I live in a big city. My brother is still a pain in the ass that he is always. I alsogot two dogs. One is really fat and the other one is a normal size. They both love to play. Well for now this is it. I will post more later:D

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