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Thursday, June 1, 2006

La Li Ho!!!!!! ^.^

Hi! How's everybody doing? =D Good I hope. ^^ I started my vactaion early! I got out tuesday cause I got my exams done early, everybody else gets out today. =P So yea tis been a good week. =D I went to my cousins and watched Gravitation. Can you guess the next thing...? =O And talking to Jeff on MSN! ^.^ Hehe ^^ Im going to be changing my site theme soon!^.^ I'll do that when I go to my cousins again, they have a better computer. x3 Oh and also my grandma I started on mine and Jeffs cosplay costumes yesturday! Yay! =P Can't believe how close it is until Jeff comes here to visit! =D He'll be comming here June 24th and be staying for 3 weeks! =D Yay! ^^ So yea, it's going to be a great summer! ^-^ Wells Ima get going now. I'll visit everybody laters. =3 Have a great day everybody, *waves* laters! =^_^=

- Love you Jeff *hugs n kisses* ^^

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Monday, May 22, 2006


Hi! Hows everybody doing? Good I hope. =3 I update like once or twice a month. lol lazyness. x3 Well nothing to much has been going on lately. This week is my last full week of school! Wow, school went by so fast! =D So yea..this week should be pretty good. ^^ Tomorrow I'm skipping school and going shopping for cosplay stuff, tis for mine and Jeff's Sora and Kairi costumes. Yay! ^-^ Can't wait to get started on them. The JaFax convention is next month! =D Hehe. =P Hmmm...well, English class is going to be starting in a few mins. x3 I'll visit everybody after school. =P Have a great day everybody! Laters! =^_^=

-*hugs n kisses* Love you Jeff. ^^ Talk you laters. ^-^

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