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Welcome to my site my name is Ju feel free to look around and plz sign my gb. ps thanks to Frost for setting it all up for me. Thank you and enjoy:)

PS, Joine me on the dark side ^'_'^ WE have cookies!!
if you wish to joine please pm me. so that i can talk it over with the high council. and so on.
Thank you and enjoy!

New new's the high cancel and my leader ship has been revoked due to the upcomming election election... they belive that i'm not being as involved in teh evil community as i can... so...
Vote for me ^^
well have an evil*good* day^^!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

   My goodness
Oh my it has been close to forever since i was last on this sight! well news news news well i'm an Aunty!! my neice was born on october 17. I dont know if i posted this before but yeah ive also gotten a konch pericing, a job ( i work at KeyMan Engravables) I'm acctualy in religion class right now doing a project on Ethics and Morality, and i cant remember how to put a background on my powerpoint.
well yeah other then that Mathew(pokey)has terminated out relationship/Friendship what ever the hell it was. and Peach is still missing home carazy bad!!and well other then that it's really really cold outside and nothing eles is new! well again i'm sorry for not posting for a very very very long time. and how are all of you doing?

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Friday, October 6, 2006

   Morning everyone
Hey all how are you? sorry i havent posetd in a while. I just got a parttime job and i'm constantly working and i dont really ever get a chance to go on the computer. but well yeah umm i got a new kitten eggo cute little thing he is. and at the moment im supposed to be doing a social project on communist poland and how it was a totalrian state. you'd think it was easy but i'm acctualy having alot of trubble finding information. well yeah other then school, and the new kitten, and the part time job, there is nohting new. Well yeah all of my freinds are dating and i'm getting a little dissconected and upset about the fact that i'm still singal and all my friends can talk about are there relationships... yeah sometimes i dont mind but i'm honestly sick of T sitting there ranting about her Feance, and the way i try to tell her somthing and she cuts right in and tells me some bull crap that isnt even realated to what we are talking about or she will go off on a rant about her and her relationship. and then when i dont talk for a little while or stare out a window she sits ther and asks "whats wrong?" and i'll always give the same responce "i'm just tierd" and then she will go off taling bull again. but yeah sorry about the rant right there i'm just sick of being the only non-dating happy friend.
well yeah hope you all are better off then me.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

   hey everyone
How was your weekend? Mine was freeking awesome i went to my first concert on saerday and it was AvengedSevenFold!!! OMG i had sooo much fun!! i wave a couple of brused ribs and what and i'm soo soo sore!! but i had such an awesome time! and i have to rant about it, those stupid people that go to concerts that sit there and go apeshit in the middle of the cround and throw themselves around. And those jackass's that find it necessary to shove and make there way towards and on top of the small people(me and my freinds) infront. but it was totaly awesome well yeah other then that nothing new. but yeah hope you all have a good one.

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