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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

   My goodness
Oh my it has been close to forever since i was last on this sight! well news news news well i'm an Aunty!! my neice was born on october 17. I dont know if i posted this before but yeah ive also gotten a konch pericing, a job ( i work at KeyMan Engravables) I'm acctualy in religion class right now doing a project on Ethics and Morality, and i cant remember how to put a background on my powerpoint.
well yeah other then that Mathew(pokey)has terminated out relationship/Friendship what ever the hell it was. and Peach is still missing home carazy bad!!and well other then that it's really really cold outside and nothing eles is new! well again i'm sorry for not posting for a very very very long time. and how are all of you doing?

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