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(no title) - Ayabie

Monday, June 16, 2008


Ayabie (彩冷える, アヤビエ?, Ayabie), is a Japanese visual kei independent band currently signed under the label Speed Disk. Their music consists of a wide variety of sounds and moods, ranging from catchy and upbeat to heavy and hard-edged punk songs.[1] Many of the band's costumes were designed by ID Japan,[2] but their current costumes were designed by H. Naoto.[3]

Ayabie was formed in the early spring of 2004 by ex-Hinawana members Ryōhei, Takehito, and Intetsu with Aoi (ex-MASK, ex-Cynical Biscuit).[4] On May 8th, 2004, Ayabie held their first solo concert at the Takadanobaba AREA.[5] Their first single, Heien No Ato, Ame, was distributed at this live. Following this release was their next single, Romancer, which was limited to 1000 copies.

Ayabie's debut album was released on March 21, 2005, entitled Ayabie Sokukan Ongenshū. It includes a bonus DVD which contains their previously recorded PVs. The group, which started with only support drummers, finally had a permanent drummer when Kenzo joined later that year.[6].

In June of 2006, Ayabie toured Europe for the first time.[6] In August, Ryōhei left the band permanently,[7] due to his disagreement of the band's future. After his departure, he started his own new band, "Megamasso".[1] Yumehito became the newest member of Ayabie 3 months later.[7] The band adjusted to the change by splitting song writing duties among the band members, with Yumehito writing many of the band's lyrics. [3]

In 2007, Ayabie returned to Europe again[3] and released the mini-album Ecumenical along with many singles.

Ayabie is scheduled to tour in the US for the first time in June 2008, as part of their world tour [8].

[edit] Members
Aoi (葵), born April 1, is the vocalist. He was previously in the bands Mask and Cynical Biscuit.
Takehito (タケヒト), born August 24, is one of Ayabie's guitarists. He was previously in the band Hinawana.
Intetsu (インテツ), born February 1, is the band's Bassist. He was previously in the band Hinawana.
Kenzo (ケンゾ) is the band's Drummer, born December 9, 1982 in Tokyo.
Yumehito (夢人), the newest member, was born September 22nd, 1985 and plays the Guitar. He was previously in the band Soroban.
Former Members
Ryōhei (涼平), born March 27, 1983, was the Leader for Ayabie, playing the guitar and writing most of the songs while he was in the band. He was previously in the band Hinawana, and is now in the band Megamasso.

[edit] Discography
Ayabie Sokukan Ongenshū (アヤビエ 即完音源集) (March 21st, 2005)
Virgin Snow Color (バージン スノー カラー) (November 15th, 2006)
Euro Best (August 9, 2006)
Tetsu no Shima (鉄の島) (January 1st, 2005)
Equal Prayer 2 All(限定盤) (October 26th, 2005)
Ecumenical (エキュメニカル) (March 7th, 2007)
Rikkaboshi (November 28th, 2007)
Heien No Ato, Ame (閉園の後、雨) (May 8th, 2004)
Romancer/Metamorph Last Page (ロマンサー/変態最終頁) (May 8th, 2004)
Metamorph Last Page/Romancer/Kagen Sakura (変態最終頁/ロマンサー/下弦櫻) (July 17th, 2004)
Ayabie no Orugōru Ongen Vol.1 (アヤビエのオルゴール音源vol.1) (July 30th, 2004)
Chōsui Sō Yori, San Rin (貯水槽より、三人) (September 15th, 2004)
Gothic Party (ゴシックパーティー) (October 15th, 2004)
Lovers Name (ラバーズネーム) (December 29th, 2004)
M (エム) (February 10th, 2005)
Melting Cinnamon (メルトインシナモン) (March 1st, 2005)
Kuroi Tsukasasa Guito Shinegai -Second Press- (クロイツカササグイトシネガイ -セカンドプレス-) (April 25th, 2005)
Taikanshiki Zenya (戴冠式前夜) (June 15th, 2005)
Tsuki Koi (月請い) (July 13th, 2005)
Kiss Me Snow (キスミイスノウ) (August 10th, 2005)
Lempicka (December 7th, 2005)
Mafuyu, Yonrenyasō (真冬、四連夜奏) (January 18th, 2006)
Japanese Low-Res Caramel Town (ジャパニーズ ロウレゾ キャラメルタウン) (February 15th, 2006)
Chō (蝶) (March 31st, 2006)
Faint/Topaz (Faint/トパーズ) (June 28th, 2006)
N.M. Gentei Ongen Shū (エヌエムゲンテイオンゲンシュウ) (August, 2006)
Kimi no Koe to Yakusoku (君の声と約束) Type A and B (November 1st, 2006)
Garasuzaiku no Ohanashi (硝子細工のお話) (January 7th, 2007)
Browny (ブラウニー) (March 14, 2007)
-Ecumenicalimage- (April 8th, 2007)
Sakura Mau Kisetsu ni (桜舞う季節に) Type A and B (April 25th, 2007)
Cubic "L/R" ock (June 27, 2007)
Extreme Machine (エクストリーム・マシーン) (September 14th, 2007)
Yubisaki (September 26, 2007)
Day Dream (October 6th, 2007)
MELT AWAY (March 19th, 2008)
Daikei/Misery in the Dusk (台形/ミザリィインザダスク) (December 21st, 2004)
1 Dan Tobi -2005.4.1 Shibuya O-East- (1段飛び ~2005.4.1 SHIBUYA O-EAST~) (August 20th, 2005)
Tokyo-Prayer (February 1st, 2006)
Tokyo-Rock Show (May 24th, 2006)
Ayabie Sokukan Eizoushū (アヤビエ即完映像集) (July 19th, 2006)
Film Spiral (フィルムスパイラル) (February 13th, 2008)

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