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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sorry for the late post. No one get's on anyways. And not of you even said HAPPY BIRTHDAY to hide. WTF...and you call yourselves JROCK Fans! Fuck that...sorry I am just alittle grr at the moment. Everyone it leaving myotaku. It pisses me off

Well this has been KYOKO


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Thursday, December 13, 2007


It was at the age of 15 during his second year of Secondary School that hide (pronounced "hee-deh") was introduced to metal and modern rock music, when one of his friends lent him some albums consisting of such bands as KISS and BowWow. hide was instantly in love with the extravagant look, sound and style of music, and immediately he was hooked. At the time, Japan's music industry had just been invaded by squeaky-clean pop music, so the new and hard sound of foreign artists like KISS were quick to growing a dedicated underground fan-following there. It was bands like these that ignited an interest in music for hide, and he dreamed of learning to play the guitar as well as starting his own band someday. Later that year, hide went to an American air base and bought himself a used Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, which he taught himself how to play. hide didn't even know the basics of high or low key, but he learned by mimicking his favorite songs and playing by ear. hide's peers at school soon began calling him by the nickname "Gibson" shortly after.

hide's dedication grew, and in 1982 he formed a band consisting of his close friends: Saver Tiger. The band had a heavy metal influence reminiscent of hide's idolized KISS, with hide acting as leader of the group as well as composer and lead guitarist. Saver Tiger was more a learning and defining experience for hide, but unfortunately the band couldn't practice at hide's school because it was one of many at the time which had banned electrics. Undeterred, hide set about getting small gigs for Saver Tiger in bars and live houses. Perseverance paid off, and eventually Saver Tiger grew in popularity to become one of the most popular bands in Yokosuka. However, the band was constantly facing problems as a result of continuous member changes. After the 8th member change, hide gave up trying to make things work, and in 1987 Saver Tiger disbanded.

Shortly after Saver Tiger disbanded and his interest in music was put on the backburner, hide received a call from a man by the name of Yoshiki, leader of a band known as X. Yoshiki needed a guitarist, and Saver Tiger's popularity had led him straight to hide. hide went along with the offer half-heartedly, totally unaware of the monumental affect this band would have upon his life in the years to come. That January in 1987, hide became an official member of X.

Around 1993, many of X's members began focusing upon their solo careers on the side following the band's immense success. hide had already shown his skill was not limited to simple guitar playing with such X-Japan songs as "Celebration", "Scars", Drain", "Orgasm", "Standing Sex" and "Joker"; and that August he debuted his own solo career with two singles: "50% & 50%" (a song done in a style reminiscent of Speed Rock) and "EYES LOVE YOU" (a slow, emotional song like late 70's Glam).

While hide's voice wasn't exactly very polished in light of his two singles, the distinguishable diversity of his style was there. One would think being the guitarist of a major band like X, that hide's music would be all too similar and limited to the style of the band; but with the debut of his first two singles, hide was putting an end to such pre-conceived notions in regard to the extent of his own creative talent. hide wasn't going to limit himself to being the artist he was in X, "hide of X-Japan"; no, hide and his style were going to become something entirely different when working outside the band. As he would demonstrate over time, hide would not be limited by musical style or genre, and he would break all the boundaries when it came to mixing everything from SKA to Industrial Metal along with fun-filled Punk and old-fashioned Los Angeles Rock.

"50% & 50%" and "EYES LOVE YOU" were both instant hits on the Oricon (Original Confidence, Japan's music industry trade journal) music chart; "EYES LOVE YOU" winning the Viewer's Choice Award on MTV Japan. Motivated by such immediate success, hide entered a promotional joint venture with TUSK from the band ZI:KILL (of "Fuck the Idols" fame) to create their own video production: "Seth et Holth". Both worked together on the story and soundtrack, and in September the video was released, ranking top on the Oricon Video chart. Afterwards, hide went back to focusing his attention on X-Japan, but he would continue to focus on the possibilities of his growing solo career. In February of 1994, hide released his first solo album - "hide YOUR FACE" - and in March he organized a band and went on his own national solo tour: hide our Psychommunity. Two videos were released aftwerwards documenting the event.

While all the members of X-Japan were focusing on their own solo careers, hide was almost despite himself quickly becoming the most successful of them all. Like the other members of X, hide was a creative and revolutionary artist in and outside of the band. When he wasn't working with X, hide was actively focusing upon his own rising solo career. When X-Japan did eventually break up, hide had already released two albums - "hide YOUR FACE" and "PSYENCE" - along with a string of top-ten hit singles: "Misery", "Beauty & Stupid" "HI-Ho/Good Bye" and "MIX LEMONed JELLY".

hide mixed every music style under the sun to make his own unique sound blends. There was Speed Rock with "Dice", 70's Glam with "Misery", hide's love for heavy Industrial Metal with songs like "Squeeze it!", "Bacteria" and "Doubt". Then there were your all-around fun songs that were like a mixture of Rock and Skater Punk with "Genkai Haretsu", "Rocket Dive" and (my all-time favorite if you couldn't tell) "Pink Spider". hide even dabbled in Pop with balled-esque songs like "Tell Me" and "Goodbye" (which surprisingly enough, weren't as bad as I had expected them to be). Then there were his (un)usual zany Punk songs such as "Ever Free", "Hi Ho" and "Lassie" (a song which never ceases to crack me up with the barking whenever I listen to it). Some songs like "Atomic M.O.M." are too odd to be defined in words, usually added into hide's line ups to break any small resemblance of repetition, or close an album by adding just an extra bit of hysteria to it all. hide's music was very much like himself: energetic, flamboyant, exciting and at times just downright strange.

After X disbanded, hide made the solo band consisting of his close friends that played at his solo tours and concerts official, naming it: hide with Spread Beaver. hide focused most of his attention on promoting the band and getting it off the ground, and in January they released their first single. "Rocket Dive" epitomized the fun and energetic nature of the band and what was in store with their music, and was a quick hit, ranking 4th on the Oricon music charts. Afterwards, hide left for L.A. to record his upcoming third album. hide had a-lot planned: Spread Beaver's first album, his second album following with two more singles ("Pink Spider" and "ever free" in May), and that summer another MIX LEMONed JELLY along with the start of Spread Beaver's own national tour.

Aside from focusing on *cough* Spread Beaver (HAH, I will never get used to that name), hide would also be working with American-based band Zilch: an Industrial heavy metal band he formed with his friends he met in L.A., and was both the lead singer and guitarist of. hide had high hopes for Zilch, and the band was going to be a big step for him, bringing his musical talents into the American music scene. Their first album was planned for release that summer as well. hide was enthusiastic about 1998; it was going to be the busiest and biggest year for his career. He had no-where else to go but up.

On April 27th of 1998, hide returned to Japan from L.A., and immediately began promoting his upcoming singles with Spread Beaver. On May 1st, he was taped at Fuji TV studios and his segment was scheduled to appear on ROCKET PUNCH!, a popular Fuji TV music program; the last promotional work towards his career he ever did. Afterwards, hide and his brother went out to celebrate with friends, and after becoming drunk, returned to hide's Tokyo mansion at 6:30 AM; now May 2nd. hide went to his room, and his brother assumed he went to sleep. It was the last time hide was seen alive. Later, when hide's girlfriend (who was living with him at the time) went in to check on him, she found hide with a towel wrapped around his neck; the other end tied to the bathroom doorknob. No note or sign of possible struggle. In a drunken state, hide had killed himself.

hide's death sent a shockwave amongst fans and the industry in Japan; they had lost what many considered to be their greatest contributor to the nations music industry. Over 60,000 people gathered in Tokyo's Tsukiji district, where the funeral was being held at Honganji Temple. All of hide's friends and family were there, including X-Japan and Spread Beaver, as well as many other bands and artists who were admirers of hide such as Luna Sea and Glay. Toshi and Yoshiki performed "Forever Love" at the wake, and X-Japan chose to dedicate it's song "Tears" to hide in remembrance. Outside the temple, a line stretching over a kilometer in length and consisting of over 50,000 fans gathered at the entrance, with reportedly 12,000 actually attending the wake. Over 200 officers and other public security personnel were brought in to keep everyone under control. Many people were injured as a result of the crowds, and 2 girls even committed suicide to follow hide. It was a sad time.

After hide's death, I.N.A (the mixer/computer synth expert of Spread Beaver) was determined to release hide's third album. hide had already completed much of the recording before his death amongst demo tapes which I.N.A was capable of editing and completing, but there was still one song which hide had not recorded. hide's closest family member, his brother, did the vocals for it. That December, hide's (very) post-poned album - Ja,zoo - was released, which sold like mad despite the fact it was built up from low-quality demos for the most part. Later that year, Spread Beaver said goodbye to their fans, and concluded with their national tour as planned; not a single concert wasn't sold out.

In 1999 on May 2nd, there was a special convention in Seibu Dome in Tokyo to commemorate hide's death. hide's brother, Hiroshi Matsumoto, attended to announce a museum would be erected in rememberence. hide Museum was completed that next year in 2000, and opened on May 2nd

hide's death is one that left many people asking "Why". Why would such a vibrant and enthusiastic person, with such an energy and love for life and music, who was so influential and talented with such a successful music career, commit suicide? I suppose we'll never know.. but more importantly than "Why", fans are left to ask themselves "What". What could have been? hide was arguably one of the most innovative, if not totally revolutionary artists of the past 20 years. What he released prior to his death was just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what he had planned to come, and he was just starting out with two very promising bands each on opposite ends of the globe. I believe there are many great artists, but hide was truly unparalleled in his genius, optimism and motivation; he let nothing deter him, and went against all odds to make things happen. Whenever I listen to his music, its just hard for me to believe that such an energetic and influential person is no longer here; but hide's contributions and influence remain, and I guess as clich as it may sound, in that way he continues to live on with his music.

Happy birthday Hide!!

you will be forever loved and missed!!


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Thursday, November 29, 2007

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The Candy Spooky Theater (U LfB[ Xv[L[ VA^[) is a Japanese Visual-Kei indie band, who debuted in 2005 with the single Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night Parade. The band was orginally made up of three members: Jack Spooky (vocals), Peggy (bass), and Zull (guitar),but after Zull left the band in the summer of 2007 he was replaced by Kiddie Skeleton. Their music is driven by Tim Burton-like horror influences.

Contents [hide]
1 Members
2 Ex Members
3 Information
4 Discography
4.1 Albums
4.2 Singles
4.3 Other
5 External Links

[edit] Members
Peggy (Bass)
Jack Spooky (Vocals)
Kiddy Skeleton (guitars)
[edit] Ex Members
Zull (guitar) (left: 2007)
In Zull is in a band called Monaural Curve. He left in May 2007 after their first U>S tour. Zull stated his heart was no longer in the band.

[edit] Information

The Candy Spooky Theater promoting MurderlandThe band formed in February 2003, but prior to that Jack Spooky and Peggy were in a band together called Dororo (however, then Jack was known as Shati and Peggy was known as MeiLa (La)). The band later in 2005 started to release music, under their own label called Candy Makers (CM(S)). They debuted with the four tracked single Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night Parade, which was limited to 1,000 copies. From there on, they have released three more singles and were featured on a three tracked single called Mikkai. They have also released there first full-length album, Living Dead Spooky Doll's Family in the Rock n' Childs Spook Show Baby!!, on March 23, 2007 through the German record label Trisol. They have also finished their first U.S. tour called Comical Horror's Wonder Land East Coast Showcase Tour which ran from May 20-22. At the end of the tour, Zull left The Candy Spooky Theater to pursue his side project, Monaural Curve.

In early summer of 2007 The Candy Spooky Theater announced their newest member, Kiddie Skeleton. They will begin performing again September 1st 2007 at their "Come Back Show"

[edit] Discography
[edit] Albums
[2007.03.23] Living Dead Spooky Doll's Family in the Rock n' Childs Spook Show Baby!!
[edit] Singles
[2004.03.21] Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night Parade
[2005.09.09] Wonderland
[2005.10.31] Murderland
[2006.07.05] The Bedroom
[edit] Other
[2006.05.06] Mikkai (; A Sweet, Secret Meeting) (#2 Murder Factory in the Closet)
(Darkest Labyrinth)
(See Through)
[edit] External Links

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Friday, November 23, 2007

   MOI DIX MOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moi dix Mois is a Japanese music project founded by former Malice Mizer guitarist Mana. It is marked by Mana's selection of guest performers rather than a typical band structure, and exhibits a combination of classical elements with hard rock and metal.

Apart from playing guitar, Mana composes all of Moi dix Mois' music and lyrics, arranges, produces, and designs the stage costumes and acts as overall artistic director. In contrast to Mana's previous bands, Moi dix Mois is explicitly billed as Mana's solo project; while the project members have input during the performance and recording of the music, Mana essentially determines the band's artistic direction on his own. All of Moi dix Mois' music is released via Mana's own independent record label, Midi:Nette.

Since the debut release of the single "Dialogue Symphonie", Moi dix Mois has released four singles, three full albums, and one mini-album.

Contents [hide]
1 History
2 Name
3 Project Member History
4 Discography
4.1 Albums
4.2 Singles
4.3 DVDs
5 References
6 External links

March 19, 2002, approximately three months after Malice Mizer announced their indefinite hiatus, Mana announced the formation of his solo project, Moi dix Mois. Their first single, "Dialogue Symphonie", was released October 19 of the same year.

Moi dix Mois played their first concerts outside Japan in March 2005 in Munich, Germany and Paris, France as part of their Invite to Immorality Tour. After the tour's final engagement on April 24, 2005 in Tokyo, singer Juka left the band.

A new stage of the band began on March 1, 2006, when they released the album, Beyond the Gate. This featured a new vocalist named Seth. Before the album was released, Mana indicated that the sound would mean the beginning of a renewed direction for the band, possibly more integrated towards electronic music. After the announcement of the Beyond the Gate release was made, Seth's identity was revealed as the new vocalist, and it was announced that Kazuno (bass) and Tohru (drums) were also leaving the group.

In June 2006, Moi dix Mois headlined the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, Germany. They then returned to touring in Japan.

A prospective five city tour in the United States was scheduled for July 2006, but canceled due to the band citing "differences in policies" with the tour organizer. However, Mana did make a U.S. appearance at the 2006 Anime Expo in Anaheim, CA on July 1, where he announced that Moi dix Mois is planning to tour America sometime "within the calendar year".[citation needed] However, this U.S. tour did not materialize in 2006.

On March 28, 2007, Moi dix Mois released their fourth album, Dixanadu; the first album with the current lineup.

(From left to right) Front: Seth, Mana, K - Back: Hayato, Sugiya
The band's name, which literally translates from French as "me ten months", has special meaning to Mana. "Moi" stands for his debut as a solo artist; "Dix" stands for the number ten and while one symbolizes the beginning of something, zero means something similar to "eternity"; "dix mois", again, means "ten months", the average time a baby grows inside its mother's womb before being born (the Japanese traditionally count gestation in lunar months).[1]

Project Member History
Moi dix Mois has experienced numerous lineup changes.

Originally the lineup included:

Mana guitar
Juka vocals
Kazuno bass
Tohru drums
Juka and Kazuno were employed from Moi dix Mois' conception, with Tohru being a support drummer originially. Tohru officially joined with the release of Shadows Temple in May of 2004. K was introduced as guitarist and death vocalist with the Dis Inferno III event in December of 2004.

At the end of the Invite to Immorality Tour on April 24, 2005, Juka announced that he would be leaving. It was announced that Kazuno and Tohru would also be leaving with the release of Beyond the Gate. At the same time, Seth was announced as being added to the project as vocalist.

Sugiya and Hayato provided live support until the release of "Lamentful Miss", which included them for the first time as full members.

The current lineup consists of:

Mana guitar
Seth vocals
K guitar and vocals
Sugiya bass
Hayato drums


Dix Infernal (March 19, 2003)
Nocturnal Opera (July 20, 2004)
Beyond the Gate (March 1, 2006)
Dixanadu (March 28, 2007)

"Dialogue Symphonie" (November 19, 2002)
"Shadows Temple" (May 31, 2004)
"Pageant" (October 6, 2004)
"Lamentful Miss" (October 4, 2006)

Dix Infernal - Scars of Sabbath (December 16, 2003)
Invite to Immorality - Moi dix Mois Europe Live Tour 2005 (July 27, 2005)

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Gackt is our new Jrock Person!!!!!

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Background information
Born July 4
Origin Okinawa, Japan
Genre(s) Pop/rock
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, actor
Instrument(s) Various
Label(s) Nippon Crown
acts Malice Mizer, Skin
Website www.gackt.com
Gackt Camui (神威 楽斗, Kamui Gakuto?) is a Japanese musician, songwriter and actor. Usually referred to by his given name only, he is best known for his work with Malice Mizer and his subsequent career as a successful solo artist. Besides Japanese, he has performed in English, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Contents [hide]
1 Biography
1.1 Early life
1.2 Malice Mizer
1.3 Solo career
1.4 Skin
2 GacktJob
3 Discography
4 References
5 External links

[edit] Biography

[edit] Early life
Gackt Camui was born in Okinawa, Japan, on a July 4 (precise year not publicly known),[1] as the second of three children (he has an older sister and a younger brother). His father was a music teacher who primarily played the trumpet. According to his autobiography, he was a mischievous child and enjoyed taking risks; at age seven he nearly drowned while swimming off the coast of Okinawa. After this near-death experience, he claimed to have the ability to see and speak with deceased family members, a notion which was dismissed by his parents. At the age of ten, Gackt was hospitalized with a gastrointestinal condition and had to remain at the hospital for a prolonged time. He made the acquaintance of several terminally ill children, some of whom died during his stay.[2]

Gackt's musical education began at age three, when his parents initiated his classical piano education, of which he grew tired four years later. It would take another four years until his parents allowed him to quit. Competition with a friend lead Gackt to learn other instruments, with a focus on contemporary rock. He later resumed playing the piano.[2]

[edit] Malice Mizer
Main article: Malice Mizer
In 1995, Gackt joined Malice Mizer as the group's vocalist, lyricist and pianist. Fan base and record sales grew substantially over the following years and the band became known for its distinct visual kei theme, with elaborate costumes, on-stage scenery and theatrics. Malice Mizer released two albums with Gackt, Voyage ~Sans Retour~ and Merveilles. When Gackt began seeking further creative control over the group's compositions, as opposed to just writing the lyrics, he was removed from the group.[2]

[edit] Solo career
Gackt launched his solo career on May 12, 1999 with the release of the EP Mizerable. Several albums, singles and videos (on VHS and DVD) have since followed. Gackt's music has also been featured as theme songs for anime and video games multiple times, such as New Fist of the North Star, Texhnolyze, Bujingai and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. He has also provided voice acting, motion capturing and his likeness for such works on several occasions[3][4] and co-wrote and co-starred in the 2003 movie Moon Child, which also features Hyde (vocalist of L'Arc~en~Ciel) and Taiwanese-American singer Wang Lee Hom.[5]

In the same year, Gackt published his autobiography, Jihaku. For Caparison Guitars, he has designed two guitars, named "Marcury" and "Venus". [6][7] Since January 7, 2007, Gackt has been playing the warlord Uesugi Kenshin in the NHK drama Fūrinkazan.[8] Gackt's most recent solo release is the single "Returner ~Yami no Shuen~", released on June 20, 2007, which is the first in the artist's career (both solo and in a band) to reach the number one spot on the Japanese Oricon charts.[9] Gackt hast recently provided the voice for Malthazar in the Japanese release of the film Arthur and the Minimoys[10] and in October 2007, his back catalog became available in the iTunes Store.

On December 19, Gackt will release an album titled "0079-0088." It will contain eight tracks, all of which are related to Mobile Suit Gundam. In addition to the five theme songs Gackt provided for the three Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam movies in 2005 and 2006, three cover songs from Gundam will be included in the album: "Suna no Juujika," "Ai Senshi," and "Meguriai."[11]

[edit] Skin
Main article: Skin (Japanese band)
On May 25, 2007, the formation of the supergroup Skin was announced, which besides Gackt consists of fellow pop/rock artist Miyavi, former Luna Sea guitarist Sugizo, and X Japan co-founder Yoshiki. The group gave its debut performance at the Anime Expo convention in Long Beach, California on June 29, 2007[12] and plans to release an album.[13]

[edit] GacktJob
Gackt Job is Gackt's live support band. Its current lineup is as follows:

Yukihiro "Chachamaru" Fujimura backing vocals, lead guitar
You violin, guitar
Ju-Ken bass
Jun-ji drums
Igao keyboard
Former members

Masa rhythm guitar
Ren bass
Ryu drums
Toshi drums

[edit] Discography
Main article: Gackt discography

[edit] References
^ A tombstone used as a set piece during a live performance in 2004, which read "Gackt 1973~2007" (as seen on the DVD The Sixth Day & Seventh Night), has led to speculation that the artist was born in 1973. His website only mentions a month and day.
^ a b c Jihaku, Kobunsha Co., Ltd., ISBN 4-3349-7412-0
^ New Fist of the North Star credits. imdb.com.
^ Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII credits. imdb.com.
^ Moon Child credits. imdb.com.
^ Caparison Marcury. kyowashokai.co.jp.
^ Caparison Venus. kyowashokai.co.jp.
^ 来年の大河ドラマ「風林火山」、主役に内野聖陽さん (Japanese). asashi.com. Retrieved on 2007-02-22.
^ Oricon compliments Gackt on his first #1 single (Japanese). oricon.co.jp.
^ Gacktが映画声優初挑戦!D・ボウイ演じた仏アニメ悪の帝王役 (Japanese). sanspo.com.
^ Gackt to release "Gundam album".
^ Anime Expo 2007 announcement. anime-expo.org.
^ Yoshiki interview at JRock Revolution. jmusicamerica.com

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Saturday, November 3, 2007


Hyde (Pronounced in Japanese: Hai-do, or in English as "Hide", b. January 29, 1969, in Wakayama, Japan) is the singer for the Japanese rock band band L'Arc~en~Ciel. Since Hyde keeps his personal information secret, much about him is either unknown or unofficial (including his real name, which is rumored to be Hideto Takarai, and his birthdate). He joined L'Arc~en~Ciel in 1992 after leaving another band called Jerusalem's Rod where he was the guitarist.

In addition to being the lead singer and main lyricist of L'Arc~en~Ciel, Hyde has solo projects, as well as his own record label under Sony Japan called Haunted Records.

In 2000, Hyde married model Megumi Oishi; they have one son together.

Contents [hide]
1 History
1.1 Solo history
1.2 L'Arc~en~Ciel revival
1.3 Return to solo work
1.4 Hyde band
1.5 International career
2 Filmography
3 Discography
3.1 DVDs
3.2 Albums
3.3 Singles
4 External links

[edit] History

[edit] Solo history
After L'Arc~en~Ciel released the single, "Spirit dreams inside" in 2000, the band went on an unofficial hiatus as each of the members began work on solo careers. This was Hyde's debut as a solo artist. In October of 2001, Hyde released his first solo single, "Evergreen." After two more singles, "Angel's Tale" and "Shallow Sleep," Hyde released his first solo album, Roentgen, on March 27, 2002. An overseas edition featuring English lyrics was released in July of the same year.

After the expressive, artistic ballads of Roentgen, Hyde's next two singles, "Hello" and "Horizon," released June and November of 2003 respectively, returned to his rock roots. Hyde's second solo album, 666, was released on December 3, 2003. It provided a dramatic contrast to Roentgen and the two albums became viewed as counterparts.

In 2003, Hyde starred alongside Gackt in the Japanese film Moon Child. In a duet as part of the project, Hyde and Gackt sang "Orenji no taiyou". The song was also released on Gackt's fourth full-length album, Crescent. In December of 2003, Hyde's song "Shining Over You" from his 666 album was used as the commercial song for Namco's Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Hyde; in the role of Adam (2004)In 2004, Hyde took on the role of the guitarist Adam in the movie Kagen no tsuki/̌, a movie based on the popular manga by Ai Yazawa. The movie's theme song, "The Cape of Storms", came from Roentgen.

[edit] L'Arc~en~Ciel revival
After a three-year hiatus, L'Arc~en~Ciel astonished their fans with a series of seven concerts titled "Shibuya Seven Days" in June and July 2003. At the conclusion, they announced a new album, Smile, which was released in March, 2004.

In the summer of 2004, L'Arc~en~Ciel had their North American debut (as part of their Smile tour) in Baltimore, Maryland, at Otakon. The concert was viewed as a triumphant success, with a crowd of 12,000 fans.

L'Arc~en~Ciel's next album, Awake, was released in June of 2005. It was accompanied by a Japanese Awake tour in August of the same year. During this tour, Hyde created controversy with his costumes, which were obvious social commentaries. A second, larger tour titled Asia Live 2005 was held shortly thereafter. The single "Link" was released in July of 2005.

[edit] Return to solo work
In the summer of 2005, Hyde composed the music for the song "Glamorous Sky." The song was used in the movie Nana, another film based on a popular manga by Ai Yazawa. The song was sung by fellow Japanese artist Mika Nakashima and the lyrics were written by Ai Yazawa. In August, Hyde and his solo band performed the song on Music Station with Mika Nakashima, Hyde being on guitar.

The single "Countdown" was released on October 5th 2005, with a track list including Japanese & English versions of the song "Countdown" made for the Japanese release of the movie Stealth and also a special rock version of "Evergreen" (originally from Roentgen).

A cover of the single "Countdown" was used as the "semifinal" stage in the Nintendo DS rhythm game Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2. His work is also used as the opening song on the short Anime series"Burst Angels".

Later that month, Hyde hosted Halloween of the Living Dead, a three-night event held at Club Citta on October 29th, 30th & 31st. Each night featured performances by Hyde himself, a guest artist/band and Jack-O-Latern. Artists/bands who took part in the Halloween performances are Monoral, UVERworld, Olivia Lufkin, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Yasu (of Janne Da Arc), & Mika Nakashima. The group Jack-O-Latern consisted of Hyde and the group Monoral playing many Halloween favorites such as the Ghostbusters theme.

Starting in January 2006, Hyde's single "Season's Call" was used as the second opening theme to the anime show Blood+. This single was released on February 2, 2006. Hyde's album, Faith, was released on April 26th, 2006.

[edit] Hyde band
Guitar: Kaz Iwaike
Drums: Furuton (ex.SPACE COWBOYAex.Oblivion DustAex.BUG)
Bass: Hiroki (ex.media youthAKILLERS)
Keyboard: JIN

[edit] International career
Faith was accompanied by a five-month tour with many locations in Japan, some exclusively open to members of his fanclub.

After signing on with Tofu Records as a solo artist, an US debut concert was scheduled as part of the Faith tour, which was held at Slim's in San Francisco, California on July 5, 2006. Tickets for the event went on sale online at 1 p.m. EST on April 2, 2006 and sold out in an astonishing three minutes. The second round of sales was held April 9, also online, and also sold out quickly.

Soon afterward, rumors began circulating in the fan community of a second concert, to be held at House of Blues in Anaheim, California, on July 2. The rumors remained unconfirmed for a week before the event was announced officially. Like the San Francisco venue, the second concert also sold out, as did two more US concerts (the Fillmore, San Francisco and House of Blues, Hollywood).

The overseas version of Faith was released on June 27, 2006 and included a bonus DVD featuring music videos for both "Countdown" and "Season's Call".

Hyde also made a brief appearance at the Tofu Records booth at Anime Expo 2006 in Anaheim, California on July 1 for a question and answer panel.

Following the completion of the FAITH tour, a DVD of the concerts was announced and was released November 8th, 2006.

HYDE is currently back with L'Arc~en~Ciel which on 31st May 2007 released their first single in two years, Seventh Heaven.

[edit] Filmography
Kagen no tsuki as Adam (2004)
Moon Child as Kei (2003)

[edit] Discography

[edit] DVDs
Roentgen Stories (2004)
FAITH Live (2006)

[edit] Albums
Roentgen (2002)
Roentgen Overseas Version (2002)
666 (2003)
roentgen.ENGLISH (2004)
Faith (2006)
FAITH , U.S. Version (2006)

[edit] Singles
Evergreen (2001)#1 Japan
Angel's Tale (2001)
Shallow Sleep (2002)
Hello (2003) #1 Japan
Horizon (2003)
Countdown (2005) #1 Japan
Season's Call (2006) #1 Japan

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


girugamesh (ギルガメッシュ, girugamesshu?, gilgamesh in western pronunciation, often typeset as girugmesh to fit official logos)[1] is a Japanese rock band, formed in 2003.[2]

Contents [hide]
1 Information About the Band
2 Lineup
3 Discography
3.1 Albums & EPs
3.2 Singles
3.3 Demos
3.4 DVDs
4 Resources
5 External Links

[edit] Information About the Band
Formed in 2003 in the suburbs of Tokyo, Shuu and Nii had been friends since elementary school, the earliest incarnation of the band made its first performance while the members were still in high school.[3] girugamesh began playing gigs with their current lineup in 2004, until they were signed to record label Gaina-Japan. Their first major single, Kaisen Sengen was ranked #10 on the Oricon Indies chart.[2]

In 2005, girugamesh embarked on a nation-wide tour, after which they released their first live DVD, featuring footage from the tour, and after more touring, released an EP, Goku - Shohankei Enban.

In 2007, girugamesh was signed to the European label Gan-Shin, making them one of the select Japanese rock groups to be distributed outside of Japan. The band then was part of a 9-band Japanese rock festival in Los Angeles, California called "J-Rock Revolution". They were part of the second night alongside Merry, D'espairsRay, and Mucc[4]. Around the time of J-Rock Revolution, many of the bands released material on iTunes, including girugamesh, making them one of the few Japanese rock artists to be available on the popular music store.

In the summer of 2007, girugamesh released an EP entitled Reason of Crying.

[edit] Lineup
Satoshi (左迅, Satoshi?) vocals, lyricist[3]
Nii (弐, Nii?) guitar
Shuu (愁, Shuu?) bass guitar
Яyo drums, main songwriter[3]

[edit] Discography

[edit] Albums & EPs
Goku - Shohankei Enban (May 25, 2005)
13's Reborn (September 27, 2006)
Reason of Crying (July 18, 2007)

[edit] Singles
Jelato (August 3, 2004, distributed single)
Kaisen Sengen ~Kikaku Kata Enban~ (August 15, 2004)
Mikongyaku (August 24, 2004)
Kuukyo no Utsuwa ~Kyosaku Kata Enban~ (December 25, 2004)
Kosaki Uta ~Kaijou Kata Enban~ (February 8, 2005)
Kyozetsusareta Tsukue -Tandoku Kata Enban-(June 17, 2005)
Fukai no yami -Mayosake Kata Enban- (September 14, 2005)
Honnou Kaihou -Kakusei Kata Enban- (November 30, 2005)
Risei Kairan -Ranchou Kata Enban- (November 30, 2005)
Rei -Zero- -Mukei Kata Enban- (April 5, 2006)
Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe (April 12, 2006)
Volcano (March 14, 2007, DVD single)

[edit] Demos
Shisaku Kata Enban
Night -naito-

[edit] DVDs
Live DVDs

Fuyu no Yukidoke Tourou
Kaisen Sengen (映像. 開戦宣言)
Clip DVDs

Owari to Mirai (終わりと未来)

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Miyavi (-miyavi-), born September 14, 1981 in Nishikujo, Japan,[1] is a Japanese solo rock artist and former guitarist (under the name Miyabi (, Miyabi?)) for the visual kei indies band Du le quartz, which disbanded in 2002. In the same year, Miyabi announced that he was going solo, changed his name to Miyavi, and released his debut album "ŘS-gagaku-" He soon signed a contract with PS Company along with other artists such as Alice Nine, Kagrra,, Gazette, and Kra.

In October 2004, Miyavi released his first major single "ROCK no gyakushuu -SUPERSTAR no jouken (åu-`ѩ``-, ROCK no gyakushuu -SUPERSTAR no jouken?)" (under Universal Records Japan) and began to credit himself in the songwriting credits in his liner notes as "MYV". His first major album, "-miyavizm-x", was released in June 2005.


Miyavi (-miyavi-)
Birthday: September 14, 1981
Zodac Sign: Virgo
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 185cm (around 6')
Weight: 57-60kg (around 130lbs.)
Shoe Size: 27.5cm (US size 9)
Birthplace: Nishikujo, Japan
Favourite Colour: Pink
Favourite Food: Chicken, Inari Sushi, Chocolate Cake
Cigarettes: Seven Star Box (has quit smoking)

Early Life
Miyavi was born in Nishikujo, Japan. His mother is Japanese and his father is a second generation Zainichi Korean[2][3] whose parents immigrated to Japan from the Korean island of Jeju. His family's Korean surname was Lee() before changing it after moving to Japan. Miyavi has stated that though he has never been to Jeju he would like to do so when he has the opportunity.[4] Although Miyavi does not speak Korean he has expressed interest in learning the language sometime in the future.[5] Miyavi's parents divorced when he was young. Soon after he moved with his mother to Hyogo to live near his maternal grandparents, where he grew up.

In 1999, at the age of 18, Miyavi joined the visual kei band, Du le quartz. The band broke up in September of 2002, and soon after Miyavi released his first solo album ŘS-gagaku- under the indie label PS Company. Miyavi's significant change in music and visual styles since leaving Du le quartz caused many of his original audience to disperse, but attracted a new audience. Since embarking on his solo career Miyavi has enjoyed great success not only in Japan but around the world as well. Following his signing with Universal Records Japan in late 2004, he changed his name to "MYV", an apparent shortening of "Miyavi", although magazines and his website still refer to him as "Miyavi" presently.

In addition to his musical career, Miyavi also starred as himself in the 2004 film "Oresama (줵, Oresama?)" and is regularly featured in various J-Rock magazines such as Fools Mate, Arena 37c, and Shoxx magazine. In the past he has modeled in the Gothic & Lolita Bible and for various brands such as the clothing line Fotus.

In 2004 Miyavi was scheduled to perform at various conventions in the United States, but was forced to cancel last minute due to staff issues. One of the planned events had been a show at Pacific Media Expo, where the Japanese band Psycho le Cmu acted as a substitute, while another was at Anime Central, where the then-indies band SID (band) was booked as a replacement.

On December 30, 2006 Miyavi put out a message that he would be joining a band. [6] He has yet to disclose the people he will be working with, but it is rumored that he will be joining the Gackt, Sugizo and Yoshiki (X Japan) project. [7]

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

   Diru news

I know... this months artist is UNSRAW yay! So welcome To Unsraw! ^.^ But I am going to tell you about them in the next post! Diru has a new cd! yay! KYO!! ^.^ Marrow of bones! Got to PeachesXCream to see more detail!!!!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Konnichiwa! This is Kyoko! How is everyone? I am good! But anyways! I have decided to make the site to Die for awhile! Most of you have heard that people was telling Die that he was fat and was battling an eating disorder! Well I just want Die to know that people here at MyO love him! That he's an amazing person and isn't fat! That he's sexy the way he is!



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