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Kon'nichi wa! I'm Jikan-Aoi.
Height:..Taller than Ed Elric...(I think 0_0)
Hair: Short and dark brown
Eyes: Brown with a little green (They change color. ^.^)
Age: Been around for more than a decade, but less than two. ^^
Favorite Colours: Blueish Purple, Blue, Purple, Black, Lime Green
Favorite Numbers: 13, 2197
Favorite Manga: Furuba, FMA, DNA, Alice 19th, Chrono Crusade, Ranma 1/2, Holic/Tsubasa, Wolf's Rain

You by Yuria. The opening song to the anime 'Shuffle!'. ^^

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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Space Jam

Hello all. I hope your Valentine's Day / Singles Awareness Day was good.

Mine was.. ok. I'd rather not go into it, but it was really good and took a 180 spin that I did not enjoy. We'll just leave it there. Things are better today though.

I'm sure you noticed that I changed my background/style again! :D Well, I figured, since the holiday was over, I could change it to something else. So, it's now Full Moon Wo Sagashite! I haven't actually finished FMWS, but my friend loved it and I have started it and it wasn't bad, so... :D Yay. New style. I also like the blue color and the soft style of the drawing. So, yeah.

So, I've been addicted to watching stupid bird animations on YouTube. Don't ask why. I found some really cool ones though. If you have the internet for it, search for "Do Penguins Fly?", "Animation race btween penguin and ostrich", and "Kiwi!" XD I'm not kidding, they amuse me. I've also been listening to some French music that my friend introduced me too. It's by Black Mamba, and it's so not what I listen to in English, but I find that it's SO much better in French! lol. It's kind of like rap/hip-hop. ^^; And Everlife's version of "Strangers Like Me" is another song I've been listening to a lot recently. So yeah, that's my music update I suppose. XD

I'm so excited though! I'm going ice skating for the first time in like two years tomorrow. I used to love to go skating. Well, I still do, but I just haven't gotten to go for so long! Omg, I can't wait. ... I just hope I don't fall down and hurt myself. <.< Or freeze. >.>

That's pretty much it... I hope you guys all had a good day. ^^

1) Do you ice skate/do you like to ice skate?
2) Did you have a good Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day?
3) Have you ever watched Full Moon Wo Sagashite?

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Monday, February 11, 2008

   Manga-kas and Haruhi Suzumia!

Yo everyone! What's up?
Not much here on this end, really...

I finished up making a comic for my French class tonight. Ohmygod I now know why mangas are 'expensive'. XD I mean, all that time to make them, PLUS they're international. It's crazy! But honestly, I mean, I knew it would be challenging, but I'm actually quite proud that I could do it. >.>

I've decided I'm gonna go reread bits of my manga that I haven't read in forever. Like what I have of Fullmetal [I gotta buy more] and D.N.Angel [I want more to come out!! >.<] I also was rewatching some of my Ouran DVDs the other day. [Of course, I was watching them in the car so I got a headache and had to stop. The subs on the DVD are sooo bad. XD] I forgot just how much I love the series. Honestly.

I'm not sure if it's already out yet or not, 'cause I haven't checked but, does anyone know anything about the next season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia? :O Omg I would so love to see that. I was kind of iffy about watching the first season or whatever but I LOVED it. OMG great music, great characters, great idea. Just overall, hilarious. I'd suggest it to people. I just hope that the second season thing is JUST AS GOOD! :D

Anyway, I think that's pretty much it. I'm hoping we don't have another snow day here on Wednesday. I honestly DO NOT want to be going to school in JULY for goodness sakes. XD Well, you know. What'll happen will happen. And that's pretty much it for now. Hope you're all well..

1) Have you watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia?
2) Ever heard of or listened to the band Kidney Thieves?
3) What is your anime/manga genera of choice?

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