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Konnichiwa!!! Jigoku Sakura!! Im just your average 13 yr old 7th grader who loves anime n reading manga!! But i am still normal!! i shop @ Areopostal n American Eagle n A&Fitch!! And a sraight A+ student!! I read normal books and at times and of course some manga !! So really i have 2 lives!! an otaku shojo, and a fashionista average shojo!! Plz as help to the Art block charaty plz send me sum requests to get this young artist's mind flowin!!

Also, no offence but i dont like boring ppl!! Like those who just write "Yo!!" or just writin 1 word or a really short sentence. im a very social person. So if you PM me boring things that are really short i will not respond to or message!! So be warned!! I've deleted sum of my friends who dont PM me or are just very boring.

And another warning (not really) but if you ppl wanna be my friend and me be your friend you first have to PM or sign my guestbook to me first and you have to at leaste comment on my stuff to show that you have respect for me and really do want to be my friend... 'Nuff said.

=^._.^=JiSa wuvs joo~! :D

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Code Geass op theme~! AND EVOLUTION OF DANCE!
MOST AWESOME OP THEME IN THE HISTORY OF MOST AWESOME OP THEMES~! sit down enjoy! cuz u will! this vdi is even more awesome~!! soooo sooooo SOOOO AWESOME!
=^._.^=JiSa wuvs joos~!

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   YAY~! its the return of MyOtaku~!!! Celebrate!
Arigatogozaimasu Adam-sama for bringing back MyO into the picture again! I luved this place better than the "worlds" so to celebrate this wonderful moment i gave MyO a new face! CCS style! and i changed my avatar 2! pretty kewl eh?!
And JiSa's mood for today~Photobucket...... in other words... i dont know how i'm feeling today~! @_@ sooo confused~! and i found this really cute CCS vid
Photobucket HUH?! my sis and i couldn't stop laughing at the pancake part~! *dancedancedance* ^w^ See ya soon! Bai Bai~! Arigatogozaimasu!
=^._.^=JiSa wuvs joos~!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shakugan no Shana music play list!! =^._.^=

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

   Welcome!! To JiSa's original site b4 the Version Vibrant update~!!
welcome~!! this is my original site which i lyk betta then the new "world" update~!! >3<' PHOOY~!! i lyk the old mysite~!! its kewler n there is no limit on how big the Bg iz~!! Check it out if ya lky~!! ^ ^ i perfer this site really~!! enjoy~!! PLZ?! comment on my stuff plz~!! im beggen YA~!!! dont make meh do da puppy pout~!! TT^TT *hemmhemmmdhemmeeeeemmm~!!*
=^._.^=JiSa wuvs joo~!

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Friday, February 29, 2008

   LOoKylOOkY~! NEw~! BG~! =^._.^=JiSa
Pretty much the title sums the entire thing up.. i upgraded my BG. Got Really annoyed by the last one so i desided to find a way(and i did thanks to Vixen Fire) by telling me i should sign up on Photobucket.com so i can get rid of that damn annyoing old wat ppl call a "BG". i seem to be insulting my old bg... but hey!! i couldn't stand that thing!! so deal with it.. -_- or ur forever screwed by the ninja powers of JiSakura~! CHAA~!! 0-0' Gotdat?! GOOD~!
*leaves room ^ ^"*

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   No time, no tears, no wings, no love... Shattered
I'm alone, cold desperate, borken heart, alone. I lived on two worlds, mine and his till i died, my world called Tsubasa shattered by the one i love him who protected me and then turned against me... if i could have you back again id think about it once or twice i guess... To be continued

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Monday, February 25, 2008

   YUI~Rolling Stars

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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