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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

   YAY~! its the return of MyOtaku~!!! Celebrate!
Arigatogozaimasu Adam-sama for bringing back MyO into the picture again! I luved this place better than the "worlds" so to celebrate this wonderful moment i gave MyO a new face! CCS style! and i changed my avatar 2! pretty kewl eh?!
And JiSa's mood for today~Photobucket...... in other words... i dont know how i'm feeling today~! @_@ sooo confused~! and i found this really cute CCS vid
Photobucket HUH?! my sis and i couldn't stop laughing at the pancake part~! *dancedancedance* ^w^ See ya soon! Bai Bai~! Arigatogozaimasu!
=^._.^=JiSa wuvs joos~!

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