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Thursday, July 17, 2008

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ughh. I kinda feel like crap right now. [sigh] well saturday went to Santa Monica beach for my friend's 18th bday. we headed out pretty early in the morning. Got there super early so nothing was open yet. So we headed into the water for a few hours. The water was so nasty and dirty. I'm never going there ever again. It's so disgusting. So we started to build a mote in the water but every time the tide went a little higher, it would smash it down again. D: Some of us were looking for sand crabs. They found a bunch but they later let them go. I got major sunburn because I thought I wouldn't get sunburn. But I did. =.= I had it the worst. My friend said my back and shoulders looked purple. O.O later that night we went to the most awesome restaurant ever. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company!!! FORREST GUMP!!!! I loved that movie. The shrimp was freakin AWESOME.

SO yeah. When I got home, it was hell. The sunburn was radiating heat. I was burning up like CRAZY. When my mom saw it, she was shocked. LOL. She told me to take some pain killers. It was so hard to fall asleep. =.= and the next morning when I picked up my brother from school, OMFG. I've never hated the seatbelt this much. It freakin hurt SOOOO much D: I almost cried.

Last night saw the documentary, Invisible Children. It was so sad. My friend and I cried. I would suggest everyone go watch it at their site http://InvisibleChildren.com and donate at least $1.

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