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Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Name: Sara
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YOSH. another update, yo. :] Thanks to those who actually read through the WHOLE post last time. hmm. so life has been pretty chill since I came back from AX. I miss AX. I had so much fun. Now I'm back to my ordinary life. [sigh] what a bummer.

this week nothing has been happening to me. I wish there was something to do besides sitting at home watching anime. In the past two days, I've finished two whole seasons of 'Zero no Tsukaima' and I'm totally caught up in this Taiwanese drama called 'Fated to Love You'. It's so good. I've never cried so much in just one season of a drama. It's so good and for once they have decent looking actors/actresses. I ♥ Ethan. Zero no Tsukaima is so REALLLY good. This was the first time I actually teared up watching anime. The season just came out this week...I think. So I'll be waiting for that.

hmm...tomorrow get free slushees at 7/11's!!! YAY. gonna hang with some buddies. Saturday going to friends birthday bonfire at the beach. :] yay. sunday going to a pool party for the group I'm going to japan with. 17 MORE DAYS TILL JAPAN!!!!!!! WHOOO. I can't wait.

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