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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Name: Sara
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yo yo yo. :] so this week is like super stressful for me. First I have to do my senior presentations tomorrow and I only have 2 slides in the powerpoint done. And I have to speak 7-10 minutes. argh. And then making those stupid senior t-shirts is driving me crazy. I shouldn't have spread the word about the shirt. [sigh] I have like 20 shirts to make and I already messed up on a couple of shirts. I only have one more day to print more than 12 shirts. =.= Just my luck. I also have to pay for the messed up shirts with my own money too. :[ tomorrow will be the most stressful yet. Can't wait....

But besides that, I am graduating next friday!!!!! Omg. These past few weeks are going by so fast. It doesn't feel like the end of the year to me. But you know what, I'm so excited!!!! I just hope I don't fall on my face when I walk up to accept my diploma. That would be tragic. And then that night I'm gonna be going to Grad Night. YAY. I hope I'll be able to stay up till 5. KAHAHAHA. can't wait. I wanna win either the Wii or the plasma TV for the raffles. But then we can only enter ONE. it's so BS but I guess it's understandable since there's a chance that someone can win more than one prize. [sigh] but I think I'm gonna go for the TV. Hells yes.

Well I gotta go now. Teachers bitching at me again. :]

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