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Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Name: Sara
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woot. I just finished designing a shirt. Our senior shirts this year is so damn ugly. It's kind of funny though because the design on the front looks like a penis. Not even kidding here. It really does. It's supposed to be 2008 put together so that it looks like a person holding a sparkler. Which explains why I'm designing my own and wearing that on senior activities day instead of the penis shirt. LOL. People had been requesting me to make it so yeah, I finally finished. Here's the link to the images. FRONT and BACK.

We also presented our stupid song project. It was great. All of us put so much effort into it. We even managed to get 2 extra credit points just cuz we stayed up so late working on it. lol. This is so totally gonna raise my A- to an A. yay. :]

well I think that's all I'm gonna talk about today. I need to put the finishing touches on my shirt design. :D

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