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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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Name: Sara
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well things have been more smooth now that Adam has reassured everyone that he is not ditching myotaku the way we all had thought. But it still kind of sucks that he didn't upgrade myotaku instead of making a whole other blogging section for theotaku. But w/e. off that topic, I swear every single member on myotaku has spoken about this. lol. and of course, our comment boxes are still appalling.

k So basically saturday went bowling. Then my mom made us go over to her work place and help out the place for most of the afternoon [my butt was in major pain]. I totally forgot what happened the rest of the night. haha.

so sunday kept waking up because I was afraid I wouldn't wake up in time to make it to a meeting for my Japan trip. so yeah. woke up and remembered about daylighta savings time and changed my time. then went to eat a quick lunch with my mom and my aunt. Sh ethen came with me to my meeting. It was pretty boring. But it makes me more excited to go to Japan this summer [YYYYYYYYYAYYYYYYYYYY!] I really can't wait. The only thing is, we have to find sponsors ourselves to be able to afford the trip [which is freaking expensive but worth every penny] There are so many things happening this summer!! There's AX of course [its in L.A. this year], then my mom wants to go on a short family trip, then I leave to Japan for two weeks, then in august my friends want to do a graduation trip somewhere [not sure where yet] and yeah. Then of course there's college and school. [sigh] I have a feeling I'm gonna go crazy. haha.

anyways. back to my sunday. After the meeting, I dropped my mom off at the mall and drove her car home. had a little bit of free time then went to eat dinner with the whole family to celebrate my aunts pregnancy. She's pregnant with twins!!! :D I'm so excited for her. After dinner the cousins met up at my house then went off to get some frozen yogurt. After the yogurt, we went over to my cousins house and played rock band for a couple of hours. It's so much fun OMG. :D I love it. I wish they had one for the Wii, I would totally buy it. So that's my weekend. :]

Hope everyone had a goo done too.

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