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Thursday, March 6, 2008

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
Member since: 04/03/05
Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
Hobbies: whatever makes me happy



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Hey guys. Well I know everyone's been talking about VV, so I'm not gonna say anything about the new look BUT I am going to talk about future plans. Right now, I have both a "world" and this account. I was thinking I would keep this account for blogging purposes and keep the "world" account for my graphics and artwork. Of course I'll update you guys on my graphics and artwork too but yeah. It kind of gets tiring copying and pasting link after link and yeah. You guys should know my laziness already. :D So yeah. You guys can subscribe to me if you want. no pressure. :]


anyway. on to my day[s]. This year my school is making the seniors do this stupid project called "the senior project" [i know. creative title, huh?] It's lame and stupid and whoever suggested it should burn in hell. Seriously. and in screenprinting we're doing pop-art self portraits. It should be fun. I found the most ridiculous picture of myself. haha. and I found out my mural is going to be knocked down during construction of the school, so I totally just stopped going out there and working on it. but it still sucks. We [my group] worked the whole first semester and now it's pointless. We've wasted our times painting a mural that would get knocked down. What a bummer. I'm also gonna donate my blood for the blood drive being held at our school. :] I feel good about it. It's not like I'm afraid of blood or needles [thank the lord] or else its a "HELL NO" :D I still need to turn in my cap/gown orders. haha. man...

have a good day yall.

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