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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Name: Sara
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hm. I'm still mad at my graphic design teacher. She was being such a bitch today. sheesh. So we had this project due today. I had to reprint again and put it together I had the reprint in my hands then the bell rang. She knew I was done but she kept me in the class to put it together. so I stayed like almost 15 minutes to put it together. [I still don't get why I couldn't put it together the next day. I mean c'mon ya know] so when i put it together there was a problem with the size matching so I asked if I could reprint it [I pay 25 bucks to be able to use as much paper as I want!!!] and she was all like "NO! Thats what you get for slacking off. You're pathetic." I was SOOOOO mad when she said that. WHAT A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! She needs to go get a boyfriend. CHYEAH.

anyways. enough of that. hm. Today was a little too hot for my liking. It was like mid 90's at noon. =.= which totally reminds me of EAMR liking the nasty heat wave that comes of your car after hours soaking in the sun.

Out of all 4 years of knowing my art teacher, I've never seen her get angry once...until today. It was kind of scary. She made all the Art1 kids stop working on their projects and made them write a two paragraph essay about being responsible. I'm guessing all the kids forgot their lab fees. I heard some people in the class haven't paid even for the first semester. DANG. She even sent a kid to the deans office. crazy. I'm so glad I'm only the TA.

I think I'm gonna donate blood this year. I was gonna do it last year but forgot to sign the papers. [sigh] but for sure this year. :D

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