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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Hm. well changed my music once again since for the past few days I've been listening to ATB. That man is smokin hot ;] He makes amazing music too. I ♥ him.

I already forgot what I did on friday so I'm skipping to saturday. Basically Saturday I went bowling as usual. My back didn't hurt this time but I was REALLY sleepy. I had a fair amount of sleep but not as much as I had hoped for. [shrug] The rest of the day I stayed home and took care of my sister. She had a really night before and ended up vomiting the whole day after. So I just stayed home because I felt so bad for her. She couldn't eat because everything that went into her stomach came right back out. I guess she's learned her lesson for partying too hard. She was pretty much in bed the whole day.

Sunday I debated whether or not to return to my weekly art class with my tutor but I got too lazy. I haven't been there in like 3 months. haha. But w/e. I pay her for every four sessions. My sister was fine the next day. Her stomach was a little sensitive but that's it. So we ate food on our beds while we watched a little bit of TV. I later went to get a carwash. Brought my cousin and her friend with me [we were going to the mall right after]. It was really weird because the male workers there were staring at us in a way I really don't want to think about. disgusting. but hey, my car was REALLY shiny XDDDD YAY! so we went to the mall. I bought a BRIGHT pink bra. KAHAHA. walked around a little more then went home and then went out for dinner with my family.

So this morning woke up way early [compared to usual] to get ready to go to court to pay off my traffic ticket. Got there and there was this HUGE line. =.= SO basicly I was there for two hours. It went by without troubles so thats good. When I talked about the ticket at the dinner table though, my mom gave me the dirtiest look ever though. That was totally unnecessary. Sometimes I rather be with my dad because he's so much more understanding than my mom. but whatever. She threatened to take away the credit card that I so rarely use. [sigh] My mom seriously needs a vacation so she could get off our backs.

so today we also found out that the house my mom made an offer for, was accepted. So we are officially going to move out of the house we are currently renting. We all finally get our own rooms but I think they're gonna give me the smallest room. Kind of sucks, but whatever. I don't have that much stuff anyway. [shrug] I can't wait to move out. We apparently are gong to have an awesome driveway. Our driveway right now sucks because its one straight line so we gotta wait till everyone's home to move our cars in the order in which we are leaving. its such a hassle when you have five cars in one little driveway. D:

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