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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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Name: Sara
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yah yah. hm. well my computer was freaking out on me first time so I'm still a little mad. it came out of nowhere. haha. but its all good now...for some odd reason. Does Microsoft word usually lag a computer??...so weird.

so sunday morning my dad was unexpectedly waking us up. usually he would be like, 'go look for food in the house if you're hungry' or 'Here's money. Go buy food for your brother'. but this time he actually wanted to bring us out to eat lunch. it was kind of weird at first but i like it. He seems happy lately. I'm glad. :]

so we ate at a Viet restaurant with workers who couldn't even speak viet. haha. pretty funny because our first time there, my mom and dad busted out their vietnamese and the waiter/owner was all lost. haha. funny. so this time we were there again . we ordered in english. XD so after we headed back home a little then went to the mall to buy my brother a new pair of shoes. I wish i got a new pair of shoes. >.O stupid little brat. but yeah. we spent a couple of hours at the mall. we got distracted by the Wii stations though. They had guitar heroes 3 there for the Wii but these stupid little kids took so long with their whole posse and everything. I got to play with Gamestop's ds lite though. i loved the game. too bad i didn't bring my own there. it would've been bomb. :]

so later that night my dad brought us to Black Angus to eat some steak ;P yummy yummy for my tummy!! ♥ Their bread is SOOOOO good. :D It was to DIE for. And then when the steak came out, it was heavenly. haha. my family are like monster meat eaters. lol. we came out blated as hell moaning in pain.

so this morning my mom thought she lost her purse. haha. I wonder if she found it yet....but yeah. school is boring as always. my grades are suffereing from my laziness though. I need to kick it up a notch. :] dang.

I think i failed to notify you guys about my plans for the Japan trip with the PeopleToPeople Ambassador program. Well, after my interview, they called me back, and I'm officially in the program!!! I'M GOING TO JAPAN!♥ I really can't wait. I've always wanted to go to Japan and I'm finally going. :] So I wanted to thank all those who had confidence in me and cheered me on. I thank you all! It's not until the summer though. I'm hoping its after AX though. I REALLY wanna go next year, BADLY since Long Beach was bad. Hopefully Munky's coming with me. :]

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