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Saturday, December 8, 2007

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Name: Sara
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wow. It's been a while since I've last posted. So sorry about that. I wish I would've gotten off my lazy ass but it didn't happen. haha. Not that anything THAT interesting happens in my life anyways. >.O

anyways. I'll just briefly talk about some of the stuff that happened these past few weeks. Well, where to start. I'll just start from most recent. Today, almost got hit by a car again. I don't know how these asian people got their license's. I really don't. I stopped to the side of the parking lot. A metallic green Lexus starts backing up right at me. It's not as if I was in the blind spot or anything so I don't know why they just kept going straight at me. I honked like a madman until they finally stopped 2 inches away from my car. I was so mad I just slowly moved forward flipping him the bird the whole time.

Hm. Last weekend I went to a charity concert hosted by the FBLA club. It was pretty exciting. I saw some really good performances. The main highlight of the night, though, was passion. Some of you guys might know this singer. He's not signed but he is immensely popular online and he travels around performing his songs. so yeah. He was amazing live. Got his autograph and took a pic with him. I felt bad for him though, he was swarmed by fans and was sweating a storm. But at least he feels the love. haha.

to make this shorter, I'm going to stop here. :] I really hope to stop being so lazy and update a lot more. I need to get my act up together before I fail school. haha. You'll see me on more often here on out. :)

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