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Thursday, November 15, 2007

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Sorry for not visiting everyone. I was gone all of after school so a computer wasn't available for me to use. I'll try to visit this time though.

So today was just as boring as usual. read some more boring things in English. I swear. This is the most BORING class EVER. played cards in second. we had a sub. taught people how to play big2. third period worked on my sketchbook again. working on some new pieces that I still need to upload. too lazy. ^^" fourth is getting more annoying. The teacher is seriously getting on my nerves. She's constantly punishing the whole class for things we didn't even do. And she's making us read this passage that is freaking three pages long in just 1.5 minutes. WTF. It's all in traditional chinese words that we just barely learned!! I swear. Only she can make it in that time limit because she can actually read it really well... I mean she IS teaching it to us...I hate her class more and more everyday. fifth was same ol'same old. practicing functions I already know how to use. lol.

after school went to Jamba juice with my sister then went to my cousins house and got a car wash [finally]. The only thing is that it's gonna get dirty again the next day by the sprinklers. I wish I was motivated to give my car a car wash more often. [sigh] so sad. gave my friend a ride back then ate dinner at my cousins house again. after watching ANTM, my friend and I headed out to Walmart so I could get a shirt for tomorrow's senior panorama. We're gonna be a rainbow. :] but a lot of drama was going on because some people refused to pick a color but wanted to be in it. stubborn people ANNOY me. but we finally got it resolved not too long ago. =.= I swear.

so yeah. that was my day. I still need to order my cap and gown for graduation. how annoying. anyways. I hope the panorama goes well.

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