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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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YAY! Sorry for the short period of not posting. I've been trying to catch up on school and improving my grades. Senioritis has got me good. lol. ^^" So yeah. lately, I have been trying to remember to do my homework. This past weekend was probably one of the busiest for me yet. LONG POST WARNING!

Friday: Woke up 4:30 in the morning for senior sunrise. It takes a while for me to actually get out of bed so I just put on a pair of clothes and went to pick up my friend henry. Got there around 5-ish. Then went to pick up munky. We stayed there for a little bit because I really didn't want to go there too early. It started around 5:30 but I didn't want to go there until 6. So when we got there, there was surprisingly a lot more people than I expected. I wrapped myself in a very warm blanket and proceeded to meet my friends. We lined up for some food and headed toward the jungle gym. hung out there for like ten minutes then met up with the other friends. Chased Fred around for a bit for throwing a bagel at me. I have to say, I got him back pretty good [snicker].

It ended earlier than it was supposed to, but nowhere was open yet. I really didn't want to go to anyone's house because I knew people were still sleeping @ 7:30 in the morning. so we just went over to Ivy's house [since no one was home] and played naruto for a couple of hours. It was fun. we later got myself gas and headed to blockbuster. Since the one near my house is moving, you could only buy movies [no rentals]. We were desperate for a movie so we just bought a couple of movies. Watched the movies at munky's house for a couple of hours. I then had to leave for a date with my cousin. We went to Cue's to take purikura pics. It was pretty fun. My cousin has an obsession with boobies. BOOBERS. :] I forgot what else we did that night. haha.

Saturday: Woke up at 5:30 to take a shower and picked up my cousin around 6:30 to got o six flags with Key Club. Some of you guys might have heard of the event. Fall Rally. so yeah. WE were the first one's there. haha. around 7:30 we sprayed our hair and got our key club shirts. The bus arrived around 8. Sat next to my cousin. This girl that knows me won't stop stalking me. I swear, it doesn't matter how much I avoid her. she still doesn't get it. =.= she's so dense. sheesh. so yeah. we got there and man. It was packed. We went on the same rides over and over. lol. It was fun. Tatsu was pretty fun. But I'm afraid of heights. ^^" but yeah. Fall rally was alright. According to my cousin, this year, our division grew a lot. Last year the were the smallest division there. This year we were second biggest. :] WE were pretty loud with our whistles and thunder sticks. ^_^ The only thing that bothered me was that There was a group of people who just sat there and didn't cheer for our division. *sigh* I can tell those are the people who only join key club because we go to six flags every year for fall rally. they only wanted to be there to be @ six flags. Bunch of low lives. [glares] no spirit at all. The night went by really fast. Almost lost my cell phone. luckily someone turned it in. [thanks the person who turned it in]

But yeah. the night was SOOOOOO freaking cold. once we got off the bus, it was painful just to walk in the cold. man. It was 41 degrees when we got off the bus. ack. we then went somewhere warm to eat. mmm. my dinner was really good. As soon as I got home, I knocked out on my bed.

Sunday: Jon's bday. woke up around 10:30. I felt really good surprisingly. Everyone else was all sore from the day before. haha. I was perfectly fine. :] Dang. I'm good. so yeah. took a shower at 11 and barely made it to my friend Jon's surprise bday party. But Jon was late. lol. my other friend sharlotte went to pick him up and blindfold him. haha. when he got out of the car, he was all like "am I going to die?" my friends tried to make him walk into a parked car. haha. the party was pretty fun. there was SOOO much food. left around 4pm. and forgot what I did with the remainder of the day.

Monday: time for a break. Slept in again. went to cousin's house for lunch. She made me food. ^_^ I pretty much just chilled at her house all day watching a kdrama. Ate dinner at her house. My mom let me drive her convertible home. :D whoo! She let me drive it...by myself. O_O noway!! yeah. It was awesome. I ♥ it.

So today felt so slow. wrote a BS essay journal entry. finished my personal logo for ScreenPrinting [I'm gonna refer to it as SP from now on]. did nothing in Art Honors. boring in Mandarin3. I hate the construction the city is doing on one of the busiest street in my city. SOOOO much traffic everywhere. Traffic + Bas Asian Drivers DO NOT MIX. I swear. T.T I hate driving SOOO much right now. [stabs self].

graphic design learned nothing about photoshop. Later came back to pick up cousin but she was still working on her animation project inthe computer lab so i just chilled in Mu's class and watched anime on the comp. :] Mu can't deny me of my anime XDDD KAHAHAAHAH!! Later went home and played with the Wii. I lost my PRO status for my bowling so I'm raising it again. I want the PRO status back!! [stabs whoever lowered the score]. Then my cousins came over and we cooked dinner together. :] Then after dinner we played naruto until they left. :] fun times.

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