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Thursday, November 8, 2007

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Name: Sara
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hm. well, its been a while. :] How yall been. Hope nothing too big happened while I was gone. So let's catch up on my side of things, yah? [not that you have a choice. lol]. so lately school has been sort of kicking me in the butt. finally starting to do tshirts in screenprinting. just finished a linoleum stamp. [took so long =_=] and mandarin is getting less interesting with my teacher trying to be serious, but just ends up being a bite in the ass. so annoying. [sigh]and of course, being the procrastinator I am, I'm getting hardcore senioritis and never turning in my creative writing class assignments. [terrible]. Don't be like me. :[ You'll fail in life.lol. wel... I finally turned in my application to "People to People" student ambassador program. This year, they're going to Japan and I REALLY hope I can make it through the interviews and go to Japan. [begs]

hm. so this week we have a 4-day weekend. Friday is our senior sunrise [seniors gather at 5am to watch...the sun rise], then we're gonna go over to munky's place and watch Transformers [AGAIN]. They opened up a new "Cue's" in the city, so I might go there with my cousin during the weekend. Saturday we're gonna go to Six Flags for Key Club Fall Rally. Sunday going to a surprise bday party for a friend. Monday, I'm hoping to be able to sleep in, but I really doubt it. I think my mom likes to see me suffer from the lack of sleep. :] She loves me like that. But then again, should I just take a free day and finally get that haircut I keep telling myself to get?? I don't know. I'll think about it. Haha.

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