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Thursday, November 1, 2007

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Name: Sara
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well Hope everyone had a good Halloween. :] mine was ok. We WERE gonna go off someplace but some people backed out and things didn't really go as planned. So my sister dropped us off at Live Oak Park to go trick-or-treating around the houses there because they were having a mini halloween festival there. There are so many houses that weren't passing out candy. People here have no spirit at all. Maybe its because their asian no disrespect to asians! I myself am one too. All the asian people know what I'm talking about.It's the parents. ..well at least the ones over here. California is like the new China, I swear.

but yeah. went around for about an hour. got kind of tired and just kind of hung out at the park with some friends. took a bunch of random pics but didn't upload them yet. As soon as I got home, I had the clean the dishes then take a shower to get all the nasty orange hair color . my whole scalp was orange. lol. my shower temporarily turned orange too. XD but i cleaned it after. so yeah. as soon as I dried my hair, I knocked out. But for those who want to see Homecoming pics, Here's the LINK. I look a little bad but w/e. it was a fun night. :] I think I have a video of friends [kahaha] dancing to "Soulja Boy" in it too. XDD too funny. but you probably won't get it. It's kind of an inside joke. lol.

hm...so yeah. We still have a couple of ginormous bags of candy left from last night, so I'm gonna gain 50 pounds eating all of it oO haha. maybe not all. but most.

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