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Monday, August 27, 2007

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Well later on today I'll be on my way to Vegas with my familay. Can't wait to be stuck in the same car with 7 other people for 4-5 hours. WHOO!! [rolls eyes]. But yeah. That's what I'll be doing. fun fun. lol.

Yesterday went to my grandpa's house to eat some viet noodles [not pho. a different kind] except it was my aunt making the noodles since my grandparents went to San Francisco. A giant beetle tried to kill us but we owned it. After we went to a supermarket nearby and bought a whole bunch of random stuff. My mom is a sucker for asian supermarkets...but then again, so am I. lol. So after we went to visit my great-grandmother. She's awesome for a 101 year old woman. She's so young at heart. I ♥ her. She's hilarious too. She's great. :]

So later I asked my mom to drop me off at home so my brother and I could go to my friends pool party. I was already two hours late so it didn't really make a big difference by then. ^^" We brought our Wiimotes and played with the Wii and the PS2. I got a little better at Guitar Heroes but i still suck like crazy. Oh well. :] Later that night I went out to Korean BBQ with my cousins to celebrate my older cousin's 19th birthday. After they went to CVS. lol.

so saturday i brought my cousins to Munky's house and messed around like always. Killed munky a bajillion times. :] funfun. I ♥ her doggie and she ♥'s me too. XDDDD my little cousin is afraid of dogs though. what a little wuss. He's been around dogs his whole life. What the hell is there to be afraid of. She's freakin less than half his size. I swear. He's such a little girl. We always make fun of him and say that he has no male privates. haha.

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