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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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Wow. I was gonna update as soon as school was over but once again, I'm not even allowed to schedule my own days. My freakin family and they're last minute planning. =.= GYAA!!

anyways. I got out last thursday and it was joy. I passed both my classes with C's. I didn't try very hard but then again all I was going for was to pass, not to get an A. I already forgot what happened on Friday. Saturday went back to bowling for the first time in weeks. Sometimes I hate going there now because they demoted me to the little kids section. Sure I'm a captain now but it kind of sucks because I have a higher average than some of the people in the upper division but they brought me down instead. =.=

sunday we pretty much cleaned all day. got a little break then we went out for dinner at this place called yard house. My mom tried to make us try belgium beer. haha. she said it was really fruity. lol.

I can't even remember what I did yesterday. haha. my god i'm getting old. =.= all I remember is after dinner. this coming saturday we're gonna celebrate my mom's 42nd birthday. It's gonna be really big because my mom has gone through a lot this past year so we want to give her a HUGE party. She's not allowed to make decisions since she always stresses herself out over parties. The day of the party my aunt is gonna bring her out to beautify themselves right before the party. :]

so today my mom took my car since she dropped her car off at the dealership. My dad made us work all day with clearing out the backyard in preparation for the party. =.= I'm still tired. then my mom started going berserk again with the kitchen. *sigh*

that's all that has happened today. I'll try to visit today and the next few days until the day of the BIG party. :]

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