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hey I'm Kensei Nanagawa. I love anime and mangas. mostly everything. anyways. i like making new friends so you're ALWAYS welsom to drop by. and I'l comment you back whemvere you're on. ^-^ and I dont stalk people.. so it's ok. lol

Friday, December 16, 2005

o man. I'm srry..
I really gotta make time for this.. I didnt go on yeterday or the day before.. i think/.. did I? I dont remember.. anyways. I'll amke more time. lol. anywas, today was ok. it's friday. ahem. friday= party day for my sister.. i wounldnt be suprised if she's drunk when she comes home..a nd bring her.. freeky friends.. gah.. i better run.. you wouldnt belive what they do to me.. -_- only one person knows in my o.. lol. and that is. ***cant escape*** omg.. thankx so much.. you helped a lot. but i better run today. and oh!! thankx for the pic!!! XD
ok. anyways. umm.. hmm.. i guess i better go now!! have a fun weekend!! XD

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh man.. THNKx ALL oF YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS AND SUPPORT! I though my beart was going to explode reading all of them cuz they were all so great! I kidna felt stupid after awrds though.. cuz i was contantly feeling bad for myself and how life really suck. (honestly) but it really isn't all that bad knowing that other people out there gose though the same thing, even you guys. and life isn't so bad if you look on the bright side and stand up for your self. I think the purpose is in life is to is just live the best way you can live. so whatever you do, put some heart and effort into it. ^-^ I know i really have to work on that.. knowing myself.. yeah.. oh man.. anyways. all I want to say is thank you. XD You guys mean the world to me.
hey.. this just came up on my mind..
you're my country road. (if you know the song, you'll get it.)

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Monday, December 12, 2005

   My fault..
sorry I couldnt get to everyone's site yesterday.. I was kinda busy.. but i will today. and who posted yesterday.. well i'll try. cuz you know.. people dont go on the computer at the same times as other people. and it's hard to catch up. -_- um.. well let me see.. yesterday was okay.. nothing really tragic happend.. I told my sister that smoking really isnt freedom.. cuz other some people told me it wasn't and I sorta agree with you guys.. she shved me off and yelled at me friken loud.. god.. i don;t understand her.. she nice one day.. she's annoying another.. she's depressed, she making fun of me in a playing way.. she' violent another day.. she loves me.. then she hates me like she really wants me to die or something.. I know this sound really awkward.. but I really wanted to cry.. srry.. that i'm a guy.. and it's shamful when we cry.. but is it really wrong? I love my sister.. and I wish I understand her.. everyday I hear fights going around my house. gah, I'm just so tired of everything!! all I have is my girlfriend. my mom and dad never talk to me.. all they do is yell at my sister.. and take their stress on me. ha, whatever.
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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Well well.
ok, I guess my last post wasn't weird. Thnak you all for agreeing with me. ^^ so hmm.. what should I talk about.. today my mom and my older sis were fighting.. because My mom was worried about her, I can see why she would be. My sister says she just needs more freedom. I kinda can see why she would say that.. but what's freedom to her? she wouldnt say.. because my parent do so much for her and sometimes even forget about me. I think all she wants to do is just hang out with her "bad" friends (my mom says) and to do drugs, cuz she loves that.. but is that really freedom? I dunno. i guess it depends on a person.. so, a questions for all of you guys!!
what's freedom to you?

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Friday, December 9, 2005

I love my otaku friends. ^^
hey. I just wanted to tell you guy. I love all of you, you guys have been very supportive to me since I'm new here. ( wow.. I sound really polite ^^ yay.)
ok. well I just wanted to tell you guy what I notised. wow.. girls are really emotional aren't they? last night I mad e a girl cry.. srry to all womens out there.. -_- well. anyways it turned out good tho, and found myself a wonderful girl. kinda weird though, cuz we fought a little bit.. then it turned out good. how ironic.. girls are confusing sometimes. ^^:; haha. guys and girls are totally differnet people. I guess girls are more internal and guys are external? I dunno. I might be wrong. it depends on peopl? ah, anyways.. i think girl are good, not evil.. man, i cant belive I use to think that when i was like.. what.. in 4th grade? a long tome ago. I dont think guys can even survive with out girls.. right guy? knowing how lazy we are.. and active on other stuff that we like.. srry gals.. ^^:; so, well.. a weird post today. srry! X_X

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