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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

nothing much.
hey today is really boring.. no soccer today, so i can rest. I was looking for some vis. and I found this . it's on the bottom of my site.. hopfully. or somewhere. go watch it.
umm. there's still some scow on the ground but it's beging to melt. i dunno is that good? i really dont mind snow, though. i better get back drawing or something. i havent drew for so long! O_O allite guys that's all.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Hey. I just recently updated, because my friend told me about it and i was like, "hey, i wanna get one!" so i actually follwed my own mind. haha. anyways, it snowed some places. i love snow!! XD oh yesss! anyways, i'l stop acting gay.. well i guess I'll tell you about myself.. hmm..
I'm Kensei Nanagawa. i'm half Japanese so i know japanese, I'm actually better then some japanese people. hah, pretty funny. um. I like a lot of animes, but I'm mostly into reading them. hey maybe thta's why I'm pretty good. hah i'll stop bragging. umm. I have grayish brown eyes.. with shaggy brown hair. I'm not really into dying hair. I like soccer and running. i do break dancing too. and beepboxing. suprisingly(peopel say-suprisingly..), I dont have a girl friend. hah. -_- i dunno.. i guess i never really found time, i have no idea why I'm talking about that. umm. goah.. I really dont know myself.. sorry. well talk to me.

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