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Well hell, welcome to my site/profile dilly...Yeah, here I am jamm, on deviantart I am Jammity, and on neopets I'm jammyjr...yeah...okay, my fav. color is purrrrppllleee....and my fav. thing is draaaaggooonnsss....yeah....oh yeah...and I HATE, HATE, HATE, WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING, HATE...yaoi...ugh...fudging ew....If it weren't illegal I would stab it repeatedly in it's heart-if it were a person-, I would dump it in tar and then dump it in feathers and publicly HUMILIATE it on international tv, I would strap 100lbs of uranium 23 to it and blow it up-that much could decimate texas-, I would also put it in a full bathtub and dump a hair dryer in it to electrocute it, I would take a stake and shove it down it's throat and slow roast it, I would take a pound full of rabies infected dobermans to massacre it, I would take millions of nettles and stick 'em in it until it bleeds to death, I would force it to eat all the poisonous parts of a pufferfish and watch it slowly, and painfully die...and I would....I would...yeah...Gotta hate that yaoi...yeah, don't comment about that...
This site is dedicated to Pom-Pom, You may be dead but you will always be alive in my heart.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

   Well, bee by bo muthatrucka
'Lying is a form of cheating; a way to say that you have done something you have not, in it's own way, it is a way of betrayal, in meaning that you have not only betrayed the trust of your friends, but that you have also betrayed yourself; when you lie, you are not only convincing others that you have seemingly done these things, but you are convincing yourself, so that soon, you forget what you have truly done to that of which you haven't; you have forgotten yourself. You have forgotten that you are your own person, and that you don't need to make up things that make it seem you are good, trust in who you really are and live by YOUR OWN accomplishments not those of others, believe in yourself'

Well sonofagun I've not been on in...1,...2..3...SEVEN LONG MONTHS!! It's been a long, long while. Anyway, I've entered the santuary that is highschool, and you wouldn't believe it (or maybe you would depending on what highschool you go to) but I've finally found a CRACKHEAD at my school!XP God! It's so funny just to see him walk around and he's got those bloodshot eyes, hilarious.-not in his case though, poor kid- but seriously, you can smell the smoke when he's lighting one up! It's so freakn funny. His buddies always make fun of him by sarcastically asking him when to quit and he's always like "No way dudes"....HA, what is he going to do with the rest of his life? We may never find out...hope he quits though...In other news...AFTER TWO YEARS...I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!WOOOOOOT! I must say this though...it feels really slimy when you get'em off...really, it's weird. well...I'll be around...sending pics and shtuff...yup, and yes, if you haven't already noticed, there are A LOT of 'yourselves' in the quote I made. I was feeling particularly honest that day...SEEYA 'ROUND!

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

   WELLLLLL.....It has been a looooonnng time....oh yeah, and 102th quote
'By that sin fell the angels'
-William Shakespeare

How are all of you...It has been quite a long time...*cough4months*....I know I might not be able to go to all of your sites...And I regret it fully believe me...I just wanted all y'all to know I'm alive and well....it's all good...I'm going to graduate in 42 school days! Yay! Thanks for supporting me by leaving a comment! See you in another long period of time! Thanks! Luv ya!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

   'Houston....we have a problem' and 101th Quote
'Life is about timing'
-Carl Lewis

Indeed it is Carl. Well....howdy everybody...I currently am in bed and don't know what to type about...soooo yeah.....I'm planning on changeing my avi soon...the kenshin-sword-swishy-thing...into an actual nameplate that took me forever to make, because I suck at photoshop...In fact I think I'll do that now............right....and it seems as though my friends have made another account-you can see it on my GB- but they haven't acctually made a site yet.....that could be a problem since they want me to sign they're GB...okay...what to talk about now....oh yeah...have you noticed that I always type with a buttload of '...' everywhere? Have you ever asked your self WHY I do that? Well I have too and I came up with a conclusion...it seems as though my grammer sucks real bad so instead of numerous commas and periods I just go with the good old fashion '...' etc. marks...so if you read this the way I do then the pauses should make sense...in other news I have to go to the Orthodotist tomorrow to Tighten my braces and to fix the bracket I broke off...oh candy you bracket-breaker you...sooooo this ends another episode of Jammy-talk! Oh yeah...and a late-Merry ChristmaHanuKwanzaaDan! Oh...and the title? It had absolutly nothing to do with the whole dilly, I know....HA!

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD!!! 100th quote! And 1111pg views!
'The applause is a celebration not only of the actors but also of the audience. It constitutes a shared moment of delight'
-John C. Polanyi

Weee! Back for another round of fun! Woohoo 100th quote, 1111pg views (I actually have more...but I did have that many....)= funny picture!
It's me! In wacky mode! yay!...okay...moment overrrr.....And more fanart! Yay dragons!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

   Quote the 9OMFG9th...and...a post...
'The wisdom of man never yet contrived a system of taxation that would operate with perfect equality'
-Andrew Jackson

BITCH'N! Okay...this Saturday...my whole class...IS GOIN TO WASHINGTON D FREAKEN C !!!!...this is a big deal to us...'cause we live in Califorrrrrnia...It was weird because my dad told me this escape plan just incase D.C. got nuked...ha...that's my dad...and...also he says...I MUST KEEP IN CONTACT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES!!!...yeah...anyway...because of this MOMENTOUS OCASSION...I thought, what better than to have a patriotic quote! Now, you may be asking yourself...why didn't she just tell us this friday?....well..my response is...BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT!!...welll...We'll be gone for a week...yup...and doesn't it suck bung that Halloween is on a Monday? WTF? We don't even get to stay home on Tuesday...we have to go to school as our sugarhigh selves....this is a disaster just begging to happen...MWAHAHAHAHA!! okay...yeah...if you read my NEW AND IMPROVED introduction profile thing...please don't comment about that...if you do...eh...whatever...but still...Anyway...THIS IS THE 99th quote oh my GOD!!!...yeah.....yeaahhhhhh...yup, soooo...yeah...STAY COOL! AND SOORRY IF I DONT LEAVE A COMMENT ON YOUR SITE, JUST CAUSE I DIDN'T WRITE DOESN'T MEAN I WASN'T THERE!

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