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Sunday, October 15, 2006

   Well, bee by bo muthatrucka
'Lying is a form of cheating; a way to say that you have done something you have not, in it's own way, it is a way of betrayal, in meaning that you have not only betrayed the trust of your friends, but that you have also betrayed yourself; when you lie, you are not only convincing others that you have seemingly done these things, but you are convincing yourself, so that soon, you forget what you have truly done to that of which you haven't; you have forgotten yourself. You have forgotten that you are your own person, and that you don't need to make up things that make it seem you are good, trust in who you really are and live by YOUR OWN accomplishments not those of others, believe in yourself'

Well sonofagun I've not been on in...1,...2..3...SEVEN LONG MONTHS!! It's been a long, long while. Anyway, I've entered the santuary that is highschool, and you wouldn't believe it (or maybe you would depending on what highschool you go to) but I've finally found a CRACKHEAD at my school!XP God! It's so funny just to see him walk around and he's got those bloodshot eyes, hilarious.-not in his case though, poor kid- but seriously, you can smell the smoke when he's lighting one up! It's so freakn funny. His buddies always make fun of him by sarcastically asking him when to quit and he's always like "No way dudes"....HA, what is he going to do with the rest of his life? We may never find out...hope he quits though...In other news...AFTER TWO YEARS...I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!WOOOOOOT! I must say this though...it feels really slimy when you get'em off...really, it's weird. well...I'll be around...sending pics and shtuff...yup, and yes, if you haven't already noticed, there are A LOT of 'yourselves' in the quote I made. I was feeling particularly honest that day...SEEYA 'ROUND!

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