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Hi there as you can see I'm jack's heartache...I am also jack's inflamed sense of rejection, as you can tell I love Fight Club and anime, and wrestling...really fighting in general.



Monday, April 24, 2006

Hey all!

Sorry for not being around in a good while.....just working some stuff out...almost done with this semester and now I'm going to have to look for a job.

Yesterday was my birthday...if you didn't know. Didn't really get anything, although I wasn't expecting anything either......well I did get like $30 and then spent most of the weekend with Hime aka Ookumae and Julie. And even though I'm only 20 now.....god I feel old....I was irresponsible and did drink a bit this weekend......my bad......I freaked out when I woke up Sunday.....then again.....I don't really drink so not waking up at my house....or on Hime's couch I worry.

Hung out with a few friends.....Hime, Julie, and our friend Chris whom we haven't seen for like 5 months. That was a lot of fun....even though we were just hanging out at Burger King all kinda discussing how our lives suck.....even though Hime was being quite for most of it we all agreed that our lives all suck.

Which brings me to today's video.....Sucks to be you by Prozzak while Avenue Q's "It sucks to be me " might apply better I like this one more.

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