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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

  hello everyone... lol so what does everyone thin about the videos? LOl i really liked them but if yall dont ill take them down. Also sorry if i bored anyone with my world of warcraft talk.. I am just really into it. So yeah thought id post and see whats up... let me know what yall think about the videos.
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hey everyone. Im sorry I havnt been around in a while. Um lets see.... Well I hit level 52 with my rogue on World of Warcraft. I got my Shadowcraft Belt. SOOOOOO HAPPY.. lol. Its one of the higher armor peices for rogues. It goes Shadowcraft, Bloodfang, and then the new AQ set which I dont remember what it's called. So yeah sorry bout going on and on about WoW. Um me and my boyfriend (Shen) are doing better now. We decded that we need to take more space from each other, since we do live together. I have been going out with friends every night for the last 3 nights so that he gets to do his own stuff. A GREAT, BIG, HUGE, thanks to princess ookumae for letting me leach off of her the last few nights. =P. And she is doing alot better since she got her tonsils taken out. Other than that I finally got all of Card Captor Sakura (including movies). DvD rip with english subs...So Happy. I am also getting Tokyo Mew Mew. I finally got to see some of Digi Charat. So crazy. lol. Well I guess Ill stop babbleing on and on. I cant wait to hear from everyone. =P. Oh and Im putting up a Miyavi video and a Gackt video so please enjoy. Actually I found 2 so i hope you enjoy. Miyavi is the hottest guy I have ever seen..To me at least lol

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

   Hey everyone!
So Im thinking about finally changing my BG . LOL. But Im not sure what its gonna be to yet. I know Im gonna have some Miyavi though. He is great btw. So what has everyone been up to ? Ive been doing ok. My bf might be going to Florida for Spring Break without me :(. I dont know yet. That means I am gonna be at his house all by myself since we live together. Oh and everyone send a good luck message too Princess Ookumae. She got her tonsils taken out today so I think it would be really nice if people private messeged her with get well soon messages. And I have 4 eps until Im done with Alchemist. YAAY. But what should I start next? IM trying to decide. I might start R.O.D the tv series. Or Burst Angel. Or mabe Lai. You all post and tell me what yall think.
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