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Sunday, April 30, 2006

And I'm Back
So i am finally posting again after a month. Sorry its been so long everyone. Things have just been crazy with health issues and classes and work stuff. Unfortunately this also isn't the post i was hoping to leave as my return post. So a couple days ago my dad called me and told me my grandmother was dead, that she had died around the begining of last week. This came as a shock to me as i was home maybe two weeks before then and saw her and she was fine. So yeah im hurting still with everything going on in my life. On a lighter note though i have decided to go and change my site look. Of course im gonna need help from my favorite myo buddy to do this as i am still rather inept to HTML and the like, but new look coming soon...yay...anyways i will end this before it gets any longer...laterz
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Age and anime
So before i get any further in this post i am NOT meaning any disrespect with this post, just an observation i have made and please don't take it personally.
Well something i have noticed in my short time here on myotaku is that a lot of my friends or people who sign my guestbook and i check out their sites were generally born in the 90's (those who have thier b-day posted that is), I havn't really seen anyone who is born in the 80's which i guess kinda again makes me feel a little old...and then to add to this the fact that most of the people on myotaku have probably been watching anime as long, if not longer than i have (about 5 years maybe 6). I didn't even start reading manga till this year also....i don't know its just something i noticed and just thought i might share....What are your opinions on this matter....again please remember the disclaimer at the beginning of this post!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Been awhile
so yeah, things have been kinda hectic...sorta. I have been going to classes since yesterday (Mondays were cancelled). Sorry Kitsune i heard that you went to all of yours before they called them for the day....that blows. I have also been working on regalia for the Pow Wow that is coming up...im so excited. Also in anime and manga news....i awhile ago finished all the released volumes of Rebirth....very good "manga". Kitsune has me reading Host Club now...pretty good, pretty funny. Also whenever Kitsune gets it in i will get to watch the fifth and final vol. of Wild Arms: Twilight Venom....a very good anime that is really sweet. Anyways i don't want this to get to long so i will update more later.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

All the things
So its been awhile since i have posted. This due to midterms and looking after sick friends. Life has been ok. Been fighting urges and the like, trying to live on, be happy, inspires those around me, and just plain survive. Im glad to read that most everyone has been ok for the most part. This next week is gonna be crazy, friday is St. Pat. Day and man im gonna party hard, then on the sat right after that is the Pow Wow which is gonna be awesome! I so can't wait for either one. Plus Semi-Formal is in my mind cause of the posters and such. Im thinking of asking a friend to go with me as my date but i don't know yet what im gonna do about that, I still kinda have time to think about it and decide. Work has kinda been getting me down and i know it shows to my bosses, but its my job and i will do it to the best of my ability. Anywho thats all for now, hope to hear how everyone else is doing too, laterz.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Site
By the way I figured I would write about this too. If you couldn't tell, FMA is one of my fave animes. It's become a rather new obsession, and i have missed so much on CN, but i have a great friend who just got the entire series and the movie (Kitsune Foxfire)...if you need anime around here you talk to her is about how it goes...which rocks....so yeah....FMA ROCKS!!!!!!
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So I had my bowling tournament this weekend. I bowled alright, not as well as i would have really liked, but still not too bad considering. 1. I had in a sense injured my arms earlier in the week, 2. hadn't bowled consistently in about a month, 3. havn't bowled 6 games straight in even longer, and 4. don't get to practice as much as i would like, or at all. Well there is time to put on a good run at the Pepsi Tournament at the end of March. Plus once I finish college I will have more time too for bowling.
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Friday, February 24, 2006

Thank You
Oh yeah by the way i can't go without saying that kitsune foxfire was the one who helped then when things went wrong, put together my site so congratulate her on her work and i thank her sooooo much!
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
I know me like many others can't wait for the release of LoZ:TP in April. Im hoping that it proves that Wind Waker was just a filler. I remember the screen shots from before WW that had our hopes up. Now we are gonna get what we have been waiting for. And im sure its gonna live up to our expectations.
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