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Welcome to me Site!!! ^_^

Name: Sachi (well not really)
Age: 19 (though maybe not mentally)
Hair: dark brown with a white streak(its natural, I've never altered my hair color)
Eyes: green (no comment here)
Ok, lets see, some random stuff: I LUVE Halloween! I like Vampires right now due to my obsession with Anne Rice's vampire novels. I'm not procrastinating as much as I used to so hopefully I'll finally make a manga. I like math and I suck at English. Infact in high school I got a higher grade in Japanese than in English. I can't write good (well ^_^) and I can only write comedies. Lets see what else....I like KITTIES! and Rainy days...I like to draw...did I mention I hate writing, so yeah, I'm done.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I went back to look at my old posts and I guess I deleted my account after I left high school and now all those wonderful memories are gone T-T
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Haven't been on here in ages XD
Yep, I just keep forgetting about myotaku. Its just so much easier to work the O.........plus you know you can't up load fanart here anymore..........................................
But sitting here typing in this little typey box thing brings back old memories T-T I miss being in high school! I used to have so much more time to post things, life was easier and I had friends my own age to hang out with. All my buddies either moved, started taking drugs, forgot about me when they graduated or I can't see them cuz their parents run their life and they think I'm the devil (long story). So sad T-T
Halloween is coming up and I can't wait even though I'm too old for trick or treating and I know I will not be invited to any parties -_-'
I just like the whole feel of the holiday XD I'll find a way to have fun......maybe dress up and run around Wall-Mart XD

Ok I have no idea where I'm going with any of this so I'm just gonna stop...............This is really just a pointless because I can post.......

So yeah, till I remeber to post again

Bye bye XD

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I forgot about you!
FORGIVE ME MY OTAKU!!!!! I FORGOTTED ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!........well not really, my sister has been logged in for like a month and I was to lazy to log her out and log myself in. Yep the computer is much too slow for such things. I think I commented some one's site using my sisters account....all well.....I'm logged in now.

I want M&Ms....I'm gonna go get some ^^

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Quiz (cuz I'm bored)
Do you have a job? NO

How old are you? 19 (looks at last question, SAD I know)

Do you have any tattoos? no, even if I wanted one I wouldn't beable to make up my mind on what to get.

How about piercings? no need for extra holes

What do you study? the general stuff and ART!

Are you in school? yep

What's your dream job? Illustrator, Manga Artist or Animator

Do you believe in ghosts? I'm open to the idea, but show me one first......I highly dout this world is that interesting

Are you superstitious? Oh yes! friday the 13 is my lucky day and picking up a penny could kill me!

What's your favorite hobby? drawing

What's your bad habit? I chew my nails and the skin around my nails

What sport do you like? baskett ball, soccer, tenis, catch witha foot ball......DDR?

What color is your room? yellow, blah.

Do you like Jewelry? not on me

What's your clothing style? jeans and a t-shirt with a whitty saying printed on the front

Who is it that you admire most? I try not to admire anyone cuz it can so easily turn to jelousy.

What's an embarrassing thing that happened recently? slipped infront of a bunch of elementary school kids on a rainy day

What's something most people don't know about you? They don't know I may secrectly hate them...


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