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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

no subject
If today were tomorrow then would it be yesterday as well?
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Saturday, May 17, 2008


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Haven't seen you in awhile........
yep I haven't been on since classes have let out, Thats right people I've been out of school since the end of last month. OH YEAH! yep I gots all A's even in my public speaking class. Remeber the 10 page research paper I was complaining about, I wrote it and it was awsomeness (since when do I use such words), maybe I'll post it up, its all about anime.

Lets see what else has happened.....man I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me. I promise I'll be on more often and I'll comment on your posts and stuff. I PROMISE, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!

When I got out of school I spent a week playing Pokemon Diamond, then I gotbored with that and started to play Harvest Moon DS. I got obssessed with it, I was playing from like 6:00 in the morning to about 4:00 the next morning. MY HAND CRAMPED!!!!! yep, thats why I had to stop, that and my cousins came down from NY to visit for mothers days. I went swiming.....thats about it, then I got sick, still am. I never get sick! I must have caught what ever I have from one of them or I've spent so much time in my dimmly lit house that the sun causes me to become ill (I'll just have to become a vampire^^).....Had to have been one of them and now my Grandpa is sick too, and when he gets sick, he gets really sick, so yeah he's in the hospital with a 104 temperature. He was hellucinating and stuff. Not good.......

Today I was back playing video games ^^ (my hand is fine now) I was playing Animal Crossing DS and I only mention this because I spent 3 hours designing a Ryuk pattern, block thing. Any one who is farmilar with the game knows one can create patterns for clothes, the walls/floor of your home and even the town flag, but the only problem is the design thing is all pixlated and its hard to draw anything, so forgive me for going on but, the Ryuk I drew looks byond awsome, looks exactly him, almost like I scanned a picture of him onto the game (its blk&wht though). Well now my house has Ryuk wall paper and carpet and I have a nice Ryuk t-shirt. IT LOOKS SO COOL! Who cares that I wasted 3 hours of my life creating it.

I have no life -_-'

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Stupid Computer!
I just wanted to say this cuz its a fact, the new Microsoft word program that we have at school is so smart its retarded!!!!!!!! I BEAT IT THOUGH! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! I'M SMARTER!
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Friday, April 11, 2008

My New Club
Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

just clicky to go to the site ^^
do ya like it?, I designed this banner all by myself^^

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Monday, April 7, 2008

I just got out of my math class...I took a test....it was easy.....to easy *shifty eyes*.... Plah I have alot of crud to do, but you don't care so i shall not bore you with my list. I can't wait till school gets out I'm gonna be creating a club on the otaku, its gonna be fun..................OW! I just itched my cheek and I forgot I have a mysterious scratch there. I just woke up with it, I have a scratch on my chin too.....I know my cats didn't do it to me......I might have scratched myself in my sleep, my nails are pretty long (even though I've been biting them ^^).
Lets see wednesday I have to do a speech, but this time its not going to be infront of the class, I have to do it in the autorium, on stage with a microphone T-T I don't wanna......the whole class it going that day and there all scared too, besides its only a 1 minute speech so yeah AND I'M GONNA TALK ABOUT MY KITTY!....oh yeah its a hero speech and my kitty is my hero ^^ I Wuv-ed the kitty^^ Then after that i have to go to my writing class where (guess what!) where going to be doing MORE SPEECHES!

Lucky Me -_-'

all well............heehee I just thought my phone rang and I held my bag up to my ear instead of opening it up and getting the phone out ^^ someone looked at me strange ^^

What else......nothing........no wait.....no I got nothing......

.....And that my friends is the end.....

....of this post.....

.....so bye...

...Bye Bye ^^

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Does anyone know someone who does job interviews or does job intervirews themselves? I need extra credit fo a class, Plaease Help me!

Ok so if you know someone qualifiyed to answer this question, please ask them and let me know (qualifyed...........hmmm......I wouldn't mind if YOUR UNCLE, WHO OWNS or is PRESIDENT or SOMETHING of some COMPANY, answers this question. MAKE SOMETHING UP PEOPLE!) ok just give me the title of the person who answered the question ex: Co. owner of the mally marshmellow company, or owner of bobs resturant.....yeah and of course the answer to the question.

heres the question:

When your interviewing a Woman for a job, does it make any differnece if she is wearing a nice suit (a womans suit....you know pants and stuff) instead of a skirt or dress? Which (suit or skirt) gives a better impression or does it not matter?

Please help me!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I just got out of my Statistics class early (could have said math, but statistics sounds harder and I want you to feel bad for me).......I'm hyper today, mostly because my Composition teacher (writing teacher^^) said I could do my 8-10 page research paper on ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I HAVE TO DO A PRESENTATION INFRONT OF THE CLASS AND I'M GONNA WEAR MY KURONEKOSAMA HAT AND MY FLCL T-SHIRT. yeah, I'm gonna nerd out infront of the class and I'm usually so quiet. I'm gonna freak everyone out ^^ ITS GONNA BE FUN!!!!^^
Ok what else....um my sister (little sister), Kanwi is on her spring break now, I'm sure alot of you are......evil people!....I demand another spring break!....all well my classes end april 15, so HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....HA!.....

Lets see what else has been going on......Well I obiviously haven't been on inawhile, sorry about that, I was behind on my work.....still am.^^

Hmmmmmmmmm......there was something I wanted to say.......OH! YES! I got a fish! Its one of those fishies that kill other fishies that you put in with them......a fighting fish.....I got him cuz there were like 50 of them at the new Wally Mart and atleast 20 of them were already dead, I SAVED HIM!......well anyway he's blue and his name is Betta-Chan!^^ My cat tried to eat him.

Lets see......this is going to be a pretty long post. Wonder if anyone will read it.

I was attacked by a cricket on my way to school. My mom was driving and I was looking out the window spacing out, and then I looked down at my hand and there was this HUGE! cricket just sitting there.....on my hand! I scream, freak out and fling it at my mom and we almost get into a car crash. Twas funny. or atleast I thought it was funny, my mommy yelled at me T-T

Ok I think thats it now. My life is very uneventful.

Now to end with a qoute:

"I'm not high,I only had a box of Cheerios!"
-Me talking to Kanwi after only 1 hour of sleep.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I waiting in the library with my buddy Sunny-Chan (SunnyWinslow on the otaku) She missed her bus and we are now waiting for my group to come in at 3:10 so I can meet with them and then drive (not me drive, I can't drive, but my mom will......oh wait I'll have to wait for her to come and get us) yeah well were going to drive sunny-chan home............I hope she doesen't get into to trouble.

I have alot of stuff to do........I had a bad Easter, cuz my tooth hurts..........I wanna draw but, not my art project thats due really really soon.

ok Bye Bye

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Monday, March 10, 2008

I had something to say............
I forgot.............um.............I'm glad there showing new bleach episodes on adult swim................................I seriously forgot what I wanted to say..............Well anyway I'm making a list of words that are CUTE. I only got one word so far: Tissues (its a cute word and the "s" on the end makes it even cuter, just like a kitty is cute but Kitties are cuter.......?......I have no life)
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