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Monday, September 19, 2005

   I'mm back baby!!!

Time is 4:13 P.M.
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Konichiwa Minna! I'm back!
I decided I just needed a break. lol And it was a niiiicce break. lol But... I sorta missed making avatars for everyone! Not to mention I missed all my anime friends. So how does everyone like my new theme Ocean Dream? *hah! I made a rhyme!* lol Took me long enuf to put it up .

Oh yeah! New change in Ittoshi's Delievery Service!! I've decided to start making layouts for ppl. What does everyone think of that? So if anyone is at a loss at what to do on your site.. I can help! I don't havta do a whole layout.. if you don't need one... I can always do partials. A really good layout helper of mine is Mitzy! She totally lets me have free rein on her site. *BIG SMILES* lol She just picks out the pic, and tells me to get to it. lol
Ok on to more mundane subjects. How has everyones summer been??? Mine was good. I didn't get to shave my cat, Stony though.. pooey maybe next summer. I got my hair cut some.. It's not really waist lenghth anymore.. its more chest lenghth. I miss my hair.... *wink* It does look alot healthier though.
Okidoke! Thats it! I gotta go cook now....... Kisses!

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